Master's Degree in Software Engineering and Computer Systems


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Program Description

Take your Master in Software Engineering online and get your official degree in UNIR

The Master in Online Software Engineering of UNIR aims to complete the training of IT professionals and equip them with knowledge about web environments, Information Security and Software Engineering.

This official postgraduate course was born as a response to an increasingly complex Information Technology (IT) Industry that requires specialized and multi-skilled profiles capable of directing projects ranging from implementation to design and management of the software strategy in a company.

With this Master's Degree in Software Engineering and Computer Systems you will acquire the necessary skills to:

  • Design the functionality of a quality software system , flexible and easy to maintain using the UML modeling language .
  • Plan and control the development of projects through tools such as MsProject or Sinnaps.
  • Learn about various software development platforms (Eclipse, JDeveloper, Visual Studio Pro, etc.) and integrated development environments (IDE) to develop different types of applications, desktop, mobile and for the cloud.
  • Install and configure an IIS and Apache Web server on a computer designed to offer and serve Web content on a local network or on the Internet.
  • Analyze the process and phases of the audit of Information Systems (Paros Tool, Fortiffy SCA of HP, etc.).

General information

  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: One academic year
  • Methodology: 100% online teaching with face-to-face exams
  • Exams: Face-to-face exams at the end of each semester
  • Access to Doctorate: This official master's degree allows the incorporation to official doctoral programs and improves your score, as long as it corresponds to the same area of ​​knowledge, in the scale of the exams, interim lists, transfer competitions and employment exchanges. Check the bases of the public offer.


First quarter

  • Methodologies, Development and Quality in Software Engineering
  • Management and Management of Software Projects
  • Software Development Platforms
  • Computing in the Web Client
  • Computing in the Web Server
  • Security management
  • Security in the Software

Second term

  • Security Audit
  • On-line Application Security
  • Administration of Web Servers
  • Optional subject
  • Business practice
  • Master's thesis

Optative subjects

  • Usability, Accessibility and Metrics for Websites
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing


The UNIR study method is flexible, personalized and effective. The methodology is based on online live classes and personal tutor to offer the best training.

The UNIR pedagogical model is effective because it is based on a totally online methodology so that each student can study at their own pace:

  • Live online classes: There are classes scheduled every day of the week in the morning and afternoon so you can attend class when it is best for you.
  • Online classes in deferred: If you could not attend a class or you stayed with questions, you can access all your classes in deferred. You can see them whenever you want and as many times as you need.
  • Personal tutor: The first day you will be assigned a personal tutor. You will be in contact with him by phone and email. He will support you in your day to day and solve any doubts that may arise.
  • Virtual Campus: Everything you need to study at UNIR is on campus: classes, teachers, classmates, the library, teaching resources, schedules, chat, forums and much more.
  • Teaching resources: You will have access to different learning resources to complete your training: complementary readings, diagrams with key ideas, self-assessment test, etc.

Evaluation system

The evaluation of the student in the Master's Degree in Software Engineering and Computer Systems will be given by three well differentiated parts:

  • Subjects: The different subjects included in this Master will be evaluated through a continuous assessment and a final face-to-face test.
    • The continuous evaluation represents 40% of the final grade and takes into account the following criteria: (a) Student participation (up to 10% of the grade); (b) Work, projects and practices in laboratories (up to 30% of the grade); and (c) Self-assessment test (up to 10% of the grade).
    • The final physical examination represents 60% of the grade.
  • Internships in the company (external internships): In order to carry out internships in the company, a continuous evaluation will be carried out during the realization of the internships, both by a tutor assigned by the company and by the corresponding subject teacher. The final grade will be obtained based on two criteria: (a) Evaluation of the external tutor (40% of the overall grade); and (b) Report of practices, which will be supervised and corrected by a professor from the University (60% of the overall score).
  • Final Master's Project: The Master's Final Project will be subject to continuous monitoring by the Master's End of Work Director, who will finally be the final author. The final evaluation will correspond to a commission composed of three professors from the knowledge area. The commission will assess not only the project, but also the oral defense of it.

Professional outings

With the training received in the Master, the student can direct his professional career in the following technical professions:

  • Computer security analysts
  • Analysts and application developers
  • Software Architects
  • Technical directors of IDI projects
  • Web Designers
  • Specialists in knowledge areas related to Information Technology (IT)
  • Managers / Quality Managers
  • Project managers
  • Agile Web Programming
  • Usability and user experience

Graduation profile

The Master's Degree in Software Engineering and Computer Systems gives students a specific but versatile profile, making them capable of developing their profession in the wide field of software engineering, web engineering and computer security , assuming responsibilities under the knowledge and skills acquired.

For this, the graduates of this master's degree will be competent to carry out the professional practice specialized in the design, development and implementation of software , in the management and management of software development projects , and in the security and quality of the software .

In addition, they will be trained to:

  • Apply different methodologies in software development and to use different frameworks .
  • Apply the different quality metrics and maturity models in software engineering.
  • Direct and plan software engineering projects under the PMI recommendations and IT services under the recommendations of COBIT and ITIL .
  • Use different technologies and languages ​​to develop web-based applications , and install and manage different web server solutions in both proprietary environments and open source environments
  • Apply the concept of usability for the creation of software and to design wearable websites, as well as the techniques to evaluate them.
  • Apply programs, processes and policies of information security to the different aspects of software engineering and to apply secure programming techniques to software development.
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