Master's Degree in Psychopedagogy


Program Description

Double Mexican and European Title

Get ready to improve the education of children, adolescents and adults with the only Masters in Psychopedagogy with online classes in real time. A unique pedagogical model in Mexico that adapts to your personal and professional life.

This Master's degree in education in the field of psycho-pedagogy has official validity (RVOE) and is recognized by the SEP.

On the UNIR campus you will be able to see the live classes to interact with your classmates or teachers, or visualize them later, since all the classes remain recorded in your virtual campus. You will count, from the first day, with a personal tutor, and you will have at your disposal a virtual library and access to a wide bibliography to delve into the different subjects as much as you need.

The curriculum of this Master's Degree in Online Psychopedagogy, developed so that you can complete your studies in just 18 months, covers all fields of professional activity of Psychopedagogy:

  • School Psychology
  • Psychopedagogy Social
  • Educational Psychopedagogy
  • Family Psychopedagogy
  • Psychopedagogy of special educational needs

The educational institutions of Mexico need the figure of the educational psychologist, a fundamental element in the structure of support for the educational system.

With the Master in Online Educational Psychology of UNIR Mexico, you will acquire the necessary knowledge for the diagnosis and evaluation of the psychoeducational needs applied in the school and professional environment, and you will be able to evaluate, diagnose and guide in the different stages of life.

In particular, this curriculum prepares you for:

  • Help improve the educational orientation of students
  • Prevent conflicts and offer peaceful resolutions
  • Instilling equality between men and women
  • Evaluate and diagnose special educational needs for inclusiveness
  • Address students with learning difficulties, generalized developmental and behavioral disorders

Your profile as a psycho-pedagogy professional will allow you to develop within the following fields:

  • Educational area:
    • Community actions aimed at children and adolescents: children at risk, information and family guidance, personalized educational attention to minors with legal measures, etc.
    • Attention to diversity and inclusive education outside the educational field: early attention, attention to people with special educational needs, dependent people, elimination of social barriers, etc.
  • Labor and social sphere:
  • Professional orientation for the labor insertion of diverse groups: immigrants, women, over 40s, university students, etc.
  • Guidance office both psycho-pedagogical level as a consultant, advising the best option for those who are unclear where to direct their academic / professional future.
  • Work related to social work / social intervention
  • Community intervention. Counseling and psychopedagogical intervention in the adult network or lifelong training, care for the elderly, hospital intervention, etc.

Double Mexican and European Title

In UNIR Mexico you will be able to give an international profile to your CV because at the end of your Master's you will get a double degree:
  • Official Mexican master's degree endorsed by the SEP and awarded by UNIR Mexico.
  • European Master's Degree awarded by the International University of La Rioja, Spain.

How to register

Admission process

  1. Fill in a request for information.
  2. Receive the call of a personal advisor, who will verify that you meet the requirements and will help you to develop your personalized curriculum (revalidations, No. of credits ...).
  3. Send the requested documentation to complete the admission process (this documentation must be legalized), and we will send you a notification that it has been received.
  4. Once we have verified your documentation, we will contact you to schedule a personal admission interview.
  5. Upon receiving confirmation of acceptance at the university, you must make the corresponding payment of your registration in any way that is of your comfort.
  6. Then you will receive your access code to the Virtual Classroom and you can start the course by organizing according to your needs.

Tuition and payment methods

Consult with an advisor the tuition and payment methods by calling 52 (55) 4628 2584.

Scholarships and grants

UNIR Mexico, has designed a program of scholarships and grants so you can study and graduate with us.

Scholarships of Excellence: This Excellence Scholarship Program is intended to help those motivated and with proven academic results. Additionally, the Scholarship Committee will take into account the socioeconomic situation of the students who apply for the Scholarships. More information.

We offer grants for functional diversity, to parents of large families and for unemployment. More information.

One of our personal advisors is always at your disposal to guide you on any of these scholarships or grants.


All the Mexican bachelor's and master's degrees taught by UNIR Mexico, have the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) of the SEP.

Last updated Oct 2018

About the School

UNIR México es una universidad mexicana de carácter privado aprobada ante la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) en el año 2013.

UNIR México es una universidad mexicana de carácter privado aprobada ante la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) en el año 2013. Read less