Master's Degree in Information Technology Management


Program Description

The Master in Information Technology Management has been structured to provide participants with mastery in three disciplines of great importance to modern organizations. In the first place, it focuses on information systems, their design, development and control, so that they represent to companies, competitive advantages and a high differentiation with respect to the competition; On the other hand, the masters graduates are experts in the use of technology, which should contribute to improving the company's processes, with the aim of improving the service to internal and external clients, in addition to significantly reducing costs and time; Finally, in the third place, the competences are developed to generate an electronic commerce platform, which brings the company closer to the clients and allows them to choose, know and decide for the services or products of the organization.

Among the advantages of this academic proposal are: The teaching team, the Aulas24 learning platform, the transmission and registration of the classes, the international trips to Colombia, Spain or France; the realization of a research work assisted by professors with extensive experience and access to the benefits of the AACSB, AAPBS, CLADEA and EFMD memberships.



Achieve that the graduate has the skills to understand, analyze.

Specific objectives

  • Prepare professionals of high academic level capable of Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Manage Information Systems and Base Software, specify hardware architecture and develop, if applicable, application software, generating national technology, take on the responsibilities of solving problems complexes in various institutions, and to assume the responsibility of taking a managerial position.
  • Encourage the implementation of research and development projects that promote the best creation of software tending to industrial and technological development for the benefit of institutions.
  • Provide knowledge to professionals currently dedicated to the construction and maintenance of information systems, so that their design is oriented to the support of business strategies. Satisfy the demand of professionals for the construction and maintenance of information systems for competitive strategies.
  • Prepares highly qualified university teachers and researchers in the field of management based on information technology. Plan, analyze, design, evaluate and manage applications for the web.

International travel

MTI Online participants can participate in:

  • Doing Business In Colombia (Colombia), in partnership with Sergio Arboleda University.
  • Eurotrip (Spain / Portugal) in partnership with the ITAE Business School.
  • Paris (France) in partnership with the Université de Paris.

The trips include an agenda of academic conferences, visits to companies and cultural tours.

Admission requirements

  1. Graduate of professional university career, with a minimum duration of 5 years or 10 semesters
  2. Professional experience of 3 years or more
  3. Approve the admission process (resume review and personal interview)

File of the Postulant:

  1. Legalized copy of the Academic Degree (Registered in the National Registry of Degrees and Degrees)
  2. Legalized copy of the National Identity Document
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. Registration web forms

Investment Required

Those interested must pay the following concepts:

Registration: US $ 100 (*)

Tuition: US $ 200 (*)

Teaching Rights: US $ 2,400 (**)

(*) The Registration and Registration Fees are not refundable.
(**) Teaching fees can be paid in up to 12 installments.

Discounts on the Teaching Rights:

By agreement with company: 10%

For cash payment: 30%

Additional Payments:

Thesis Counseling (Group): US $ 400 per person

Thesis Thesis Counseling (Individual): US $ 600

Official Grade Issuance: US $ 300

Others established in the Tariff of the institution.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Neumann Business School, es una Escuela de Postgrado reconocida por el Estado Peruano, autorizada para funcionar a través de la Resolución 400-2012-CONAFU y licenciada por SUNEDU a través de la Resolu ... Read More

Neumann Business School, es una Escuela de Postgrado reconocida por el Estado Peruano, autorizada para funcionar a través de la Resolución 400-2012-CONAFU y licenciada por SUNEDU a través de la Resolución 163-2018-SUNEDU/CD, tras demostrar cumplir con las Condiciones Básicas de Calidad. Read less


EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited