Master's Degree in Human Resources Management


Program Description

Master's Degree in Human Resources Management

Online master in human resources, talent retention, selection and leadership.

One of the main competitive advantages of organizations is the talent of people. Thus, the correct Management of these Human Resources is recognized as the key to business success.

Today, the Human Resources Department must face many challenges. The Human Resources function can address them from many perspectives. This course aims to show all these possibilities and provide a global vision to the student to respond to the needs and challenges of the market. In this master, the student will see how the development of talent and the internalization of change make organizations grow.

The Director of Human Resources must be able to lead an interconnected department with all the business activities of the company, designing effective management strategies and policies. The Director must ensure that people are aligned with the strategic vision of the company and at the same time that the organization manages to adapt, continuously, to the human changes in the environment.

The Human Resources Manager must be prepared to detect talent within the organization itself, select new assets that are incorporated into the company and, above all, apply the best retention policies for those talents. On other occasions you will have to adopt the internal consultant role of the organization to develop the people around you that will make operational decisions. The Director of Human Resources is not alone, in addition to knowing how to use the different management tools, he must hire and evaluate consultants specialized in some aspect of Human Resources, for which he will need to know many details of his business.

In the Master in Human Resources Management at OBS Business School develop the essential technical knowledge that the department manager must master, acquiring the necessary managerial skills that allow us to successfully manage the team of people.

The program helps you configure the lines of action to obtain effective results in your HR management and administration work from three perspectives:

  • The company's own people management role, leading the processes of change and organizational development.
  • The management of people within the structure of our organization, involving the entire hierarchical line in accordance with the company's strategy.
  • The techniques and tools at our disposal, using the different management and development techniques of Human Resources.

Professional outings

  • HR Director
  • Team and people manager
  • HR and talent development consultant
  • Expert in people selection and team leadership
  • Consultant in human resources management, people, teams and talent management


  • Know, understand and analyze the strategic vision of Human Resources based on the analysis of evidence.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to implement the main Human Resources policies: Selection, Training, Career Plan and Remuneration.
  • Develop managerial skills and subsequent competencies to be able to lead the necessary changes within the Organization.
  • Enhance the possibilities that technology allows through Human Resources 2.0.
  • To promote teamwork.
  • Know how to detect, grow and retain the talent present in the organization.
  • Know how to analyze to develop an appropriate organizational culture.
  • Know and master the appropriate internal communication techniques to maintain internal cohesion and correctly convey the strategic objectives.
  • Know the ethical approaches of the department and implement the corresponding Corporate Social Responsibility tools.
  • Determine the new trends in Human Resources management in order to anticipate our organization in organizational change.


The structure and duration of the Master in Human Resources Management allows us to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Values and organizational culture
  • New trends in Human Resources management
  • Detection and retention of talent: performance, skills and career plan
  • Human Resources Selection 2.0
  • Training management
  • Compensation & Benefits. Emotional salary
  • Project planning and management of the Human Resources Department
  • Marketing and communication of Human Resources
  • Diversity, CSR and Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Final work of master

Requirements and Master

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

These are the stages of the admission process:

  1. Prerequisites for admission
  2. Admission request
  3. Personal interview
  4. Motivation letter
  5. Admissions Committee Evaluation
  6. Registration
Master's Degree in Human Resources Management

People who pass the evaluation of the program and meet the academic requirements established by the UB, will obtain their own degree from the UB (University of Barcelona).

In order to obtain the UB's own degree it is necessary to have a University Degree Degree (Engineering, Bachelor's Degree or Diploma). In case of not having a University Degree, once the different evaluations have been passed, a university extension diploma from the UB will be obtained.

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