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Program Description

When we talk about the Master in Diplomacy, International Relations, Security and Defense (DRISYD), we directly refer to activities that allow a professional to understand and analyze the current world.

This official master's degree in international relations, is a training that prepares the professional on the path of the Diplomatic Career, providing the necessary knowledge to the student to face the different international scenarios and whose main characteristic focuses on being complex, changing, dynamic and of interests very varied between countries.

This university Master in Research is designed to provide the student with extensive knowledge related to Security, Geostrategy, Defense.

A modern and specialized official training in international relations, with a study plan updated to current reality at the international level, and with the possibility for the student to access 4 specific mentions that geographically mark the study area:

  • Europe: integrates the study on the European Union and the Russian Federation.
  • America: includes the regions of North America and Latin America.
  • MENA: Includes the Middle East and North Africa areas.
  • Asia Pacific: Study the regions of China, India and Island Powers.131091_55e7d3434c57aa14f6da8c7dda7930791c3bd8e2554c704c7d2e7ed59f4fcd51_1280.jpg 995645 / Pixabay

Objectives of the DRISYD Official Master's training

The main objectives of the official master's degree in diplomacy and international relations can be grouped into the following points:

  • Acquisition by the student of an advanced training of a specialized or multidisciplinary nature, aimed at academic or professional specialization, or to promote initiation in research tasks.
  • Prepare the professionals of the area in their process to the Diplomatic Career.
  • Provide the student with the solid and rigorous theoretical and methodological competences to train him as an analyst not only academic but also in the sectors related to the study.
  • Analyze in detail the different scenarios of complex and changing international relations at the global level.
  • To enable foreign students, diplomats or not, a specialized and modern training in diplomacy and international studies.
  • Train students with the necessary instruments to better understand the historical, sociological and economic reality of the areas defined in the specialized modules.
  • Strengthen the role of Spain in its endeavor to cooperate with the international community for the sake of achieving a more secure and stable world.
  • Learn research techniques in the area of social sciences.
  • Demonstrate research proficiency by preparing and presenting a Master's Final Project.

Classes start date

Because the Calls for our official degrees must meet a minimum number of students in order for the academic program to be carried out, INISEG reserves the right to modify, suspend or eliminate the date of a certain call informing each student via email or by phone that date update.

It is not INISEG's intention at all, to cause problems or inconveniences with the possible changes that may occur in these processes of fixed calls, and before any problem that arises, it is and will be our mission to be able to solve it in the best possible way and seek the optimal one. solution for our students.

Requirements to study Official Master in Diplomacy

To access this Official DRISYD master's degree, you must have a completed university degree (bachelor's, degree or diploma).

This master in diplomacy is mainly aimed at:

  • Analysts and Experts in foreign relations and international politics
  • Armed Forces and State Security Corps
  • Graduates or Graduates in International Relations
  • Graduates or Graduates in international protocol
  • Private Security Professionals
  • Politicians, Lawyers and Journalists of the area

Professional opportunities for the Official Master's Degree in Diplomacy

The field of work of this Master in Diplomacy covers a specific spectrum regarding the diplomatic career in various areas or subareas of the Security and Defense sector.

Last updated Mar 2020

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