The Master's Degree in Business Management and Marketing of Business Sciences IMF has the direct support of the Marketing Association of Spain (Asociación MKT). This entity founded in 1961, brings together almost a thousand partners between companies, managers and marketing professionals in Spain. Among its objectives are the development of the Marketing culture, serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas, be a meeting and networking forum, develop self-regulatory frameworks ...

The MKT Association contributes to the supervision of the learning results and the reliability of the evaluation systems of the Master, but also to redimensioning its link with the reality of the business fabric and its real problems.


University graduates in studies in the branch of knowledge of the Social and Legal Sciences, linked to the disciplines of Economics and Business, which prove a link with the field of commercial management and Marketing.

Methodology and Evaluation


This Master of Business Sciences IMF is taught online. During the duration of the same, the first day of each month begin all the subjects of the program, so that the student can access the study any of the school months. The subjects are studied successively and never simultaneously, which allows the student to focus their attention on a single subject, doing all their work, exercises, readings, videoconferences ... All the training activities are carried out under strict control of the times of dedication, as well as with a rigorous teacher control, so all the requirements and deadlines are viable.

Each COI student is assigned a personal tutor who will accompany him / her throughout the duration of the master's degree. The tutors perform technical support functions and assistance in the development of training activities, monitor the teaching calendar and notify deadlines, attend and manage student procedures before the Center's Secretariat, transfer questions to teachers ... In this way, the student never feels alone, having at all times a clear interlocutor.


The evaluation of this master's degree is done through:

  • Theoretical activities: Through texts in which there are 40 self-assessment test questions.
  • Practical activities: Each unit is built around two practical cases, based on which a minimum of three issues must be resolved in a reasoned manner.
  • Collaborative activities: Through discussion forums in the virtual campus, raising ideas and conclusions about certain topics.
  • Academic works: Well individually or collectively.

Likewise, it is necessary to prepare a Master's Final Project, whose evaluation requires a defense before an academic tribunal. This TFM can be prepared and presented online.

The attainment of the Master's Degree is subject to the completion of all the activities and works proposed, as well as the Final Master's Project.

Professional outings

The contents of this master enable access to positions such as:

  • Marketing director
  • Commercial Director
  • Export Director
  • Sales manager
  • Director of communication
  • Chief of media
  • Product Manager
  • Sales manager
  • Key Ac Manager
  • Category manager
  • Head of marketing studies
  • Direct marketing manager
  • Marketing or commercial technician
  • Consultant

Price and Scholarships

At IMF we offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Additionally, you can apply for the Layret Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Financing up to 10 months without interest or banking intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment method: Cash (5% discount) / Interest-free installment payment



Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated May 15, 2019
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