Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management Project Management (MBA)


Program Description

MBA with Double Mexican and European Degree Project Management Guidance

In UNIR Mexico, you can obtain an SEP Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management (MBA) with a double Mexican and European degree.

The MBA is one of the most requested titles at present by all those professional profiles that want to dedicate themselves to the world of high level business.

The specialized curriculum in Project Management prepares you to become a manager capable of managing the most important action plans of large companies, becoming an expert in planning, control and monitoring of strategies.

The UNIR Mexico MBA is online, official and lasts only 18 months. You will attend online classes with colleagues from Mexico and other countries, with which you will solve practical cases with an international focus. The UNIR MBA is fully compatible with your work and personal life, because if you can not attend classes in real time, you can see them later.

UNIR offers you the possibility of adding to your MBA a European title of Expert in Project Management that will define your professional profile. This specialty is directed by Dr. José Antonio Puentes, recognized expert in Project Management (PMP®) in Spain. The course is developed in collaboration with Project Management Asesores (PMA) and is certified as a Global Provider nº2760 by the PMI®.

The formation of the Master in Business Management and Administration (MBA) online UNIR Mexico will provide you:

  • Strategic and integral point of view of the business
    • Leadership
    • International business vision
    • Managerial skills

Prepare to embark on new work projects with this MBA in Project Management.

The Online Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management oriented to Project Management will complete your work profile. At the end you will understand the relationship and interdependence between all departments of an organization, from the general direction to finance through the commercial area, the operations or, among others, the human resources.

The managers of the companies need to have qualified people who have a comprehensive business vision. With this MBA you will develop team management skills in an efficient way to ensure that the company's action plans are completed successfully.

Our professors are active in the business world, so they have all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to successfully pass the Master's and apply everything learned in a company.

During the MBA you will learn everything you need about:

  • Management-oriented accounting and cost analysis to make decisions accordingly
  • Analysis of the business situation
  • Strategic, digital and international marketing
  • Commercial, functional, process and human resources management

In the specific part of the curriculum of the specialty in Project Management you will develop skills to:

  • Identify the bases of project management
  • Manage the people involved in the project, as well as the needs of the same
  • Plan a project itself: costs, risks, times and scope
  • Organize communication and human resources

Take a qualitative leap in your professional career with the knowledge and skills that you will develop in this MBA and opt for management positions.

Access Requirements

To be able to access this Master's degree, it is essential to have:

Total Certificate of Studies and Bachelor's Degree in an area that, following the Mexican Classification of Study Programs (CMPE, 2016) of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography and taking into account the integrating nature of the training that forms this master's degree, corresponds with the following fields of academic formation:

  • Social Sciences and Law
  • Admission and Business
  • Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Technology of the information and communication
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

Those candidates from other degrees (fields of: Education, Arts and Humanities, Agronomy and Veterinary, Health or Services) that demonstrate, in a documentary way, practical experience in the area of ​​business management in public or private institutions, or adequacy of their curriculum vitae to follow the master's degree, you can aspire to the entrance of this master's degree1

1UNIR Mexico will assess, taking into account the documentation presented, the previous knowledge-related learning skills, attitudes and skills, so that the decision to admit, put on the waiting list or exclude the students who request to follow this plan can be adopted and study programs, taking into account the requirements established in Institutional Regulation.

Students with university studies made in Mexico:
• Registration form in original signed in each of its pages.
• Original of recent birth certificate no more than three months prior to the start of your program.
• Original of the total Certificate of Studies of Degree and copy of the title (* depending on the case).
• Copy of the CURP.
• Curriculum vitae.
• Copy of official identification (of the IFE or INE).
• 6 Child-sized photographs (2.5 x 3 cm) in front, black and white, without lenses (not snapshots).
• Proof of registration payment.
* For students who enroll in the Master's degree as a degree option for continuing their studies, they must submit a letter of authorization from the University where they completed their undergraduate studies, so that they can study at UNIR Mexico and serve as a degree option.

Non-Mexican students enrolled in UNIR Mexico Masters:

  • Registration form in original signed on each of your pages
  • Registered conditioned
  • 6 Photographs child size (2.5 x 3 cm) front, black and white, without lenses (not snapshots).
  • Original Birth Certificate (apostilled) *
  • Original academic record: attesting to the completion of the level immediately prior to the studies subject to revalidation - official study certificate or official baccalaureate degree (apostille) *, **
  • Original of the Degree, Diploma or Academic Degree official degree that covers the studies carried out abroad for management of revalidation (apostille) *, **
  • Original Certificate of Studies of Degree - asignaturas with qualifications of the studied cursados, that describe the units of learning, periods in which they coursed and obtained qualifications- (Apostille)
  • Copy of the Plan and Program of Studies of the Degree that is intended to be validated (thematic content of each subject that allows to determine the percentage of equivalence with the national program at the end). In case of being in a language other than Spanish, translation is required
  • Simple power of attorney for the Revalidation process
  • Copy of official identification of the students (Passport, Identity card, DNI)
  • Copy of reservation payment
  • Copy of proof of payment of rights for the revalidation process
  • Curriculum vitae

* No notarized or authenticated copies

** No CARDEX or academic record

*** If the official documents that are requested are presented in a language other than Spanish, they require an official translation by an authorized expert or by Embassies or Consulates.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

UNIR México es una universidad mexicana de carácter privado aprobada ante la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) en el año 2013.

UNIR México es una universidad mexicana de carácter privado aprobada ante la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) en el año 2013. Read less