Master's degree in tourism innovation and marketing - online


Program Description

General information

  • Modality : online
  • Beginning : November
  • Duration : 1 academic year
  • ECTS Credits : 60
  • Director : Ginesa Martínez del Vas


Tourism accounts for one-third of the value of world trade and global exports of services. It is the sector that generates more jobs and has proven to be a sector impermeable to the crisis. It is definitely a strategic sector and a clear bet for the future.

The constant appearance of new competitors, as well as the technification, specialization and professionalization of the sector, require an effort of innovation by destinations, companies and people. This innovation requires a deep knowledge of markets and customers, a creative effort, the implementation of cultural models and the development of technological tools through knowledge and skills that this Master will help you to acquire.

The offer of a Master's Degree in Innovation and Tourism Marketing by the UCAM, as an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), is an essential step in the training of all professionals and a qualitative leap in the modernization of management, sustainability And improving the competitiveness of destinations and tourism enterprises.


The official Master's Degree in Innovation and Tourism Marketing complements and expands the knowledge acquired by the graduate student in various degrees to exercise his creative and innovative skills, oriented to the business world of the tourism sector.

The contents of the Master are related to the changes experienced by the environment and its influence on the people, companies and destinations, as well as the trends that are to come and how to compete in an advantageous way. It also affects the acquisition of a culture of innovation and its practical and effective application in organizations, integrating skills, techniques and creative processes.

Finally, it brings the knowledge, use and development of ICTs as tools to support innovation, new models of business acquisition and relational marketing and the creation of experiences as part of new tourism products.


Students with a University Degree, Degree or Diploma in different areas of knowledge in social sciences, humanities, communication and technology.

Career prospects

At the end of the master's degree, the graduate will be able to practice in several areas, among which:

  • Project manager of R + D + i. In tourism companies
  • Market researcher
  • Product managers
  • Tourism industry consultants
  • Online managers (E-commerce, Community Manager, Revenue Manager, Social Media Manager, etc.)
  • Manager of tourist destinations
  • Manager of innovation and tourism technology
  • Marketing director


I. Tourist Scenarios and Relevance of Innovation

  • The New Global Tourism Scenario
  • Innovation: A Reality in the Tourism Sector

II. Management of Innovation in the Tourism Sector

  • Innovation Applied to Tourism Business Models
  • Innovation and Creativity Applied to the Generation of Value
  • Innovation in Tourist Processes
  • Innovation Applied to Business Management

III. Technologies Applied to the Tourism Sector

  • Technologies Applied to Tourism
  • The Public Impulse to the Development of Technology in Tourism

IV. Directorate of Marketing and Branding in Tourism

  • Knowledge and Management of Clients and Markets
  • Innovation and Tourism Marketing Management

V. Practical Development (to choose one)

  • Placement
  • Theoretical-practical seminars

SAW. End of Master's Work

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La Universidad Católica San Antonio - UCAM, como universidad católica, se caracteriza por ofrecer a sus alumnos una formación integral, basada en los conocimientos teóricos y técnicos específicos de c ... Read More

La Universidad Católica San Antonio - UCAM, como universidad católica, se caracteriza por ofrecer a sus alumnos una formación integral, basada en los conocimientos teóricos y técnicos específicos de cada titulación más la formación humana anclada en los principios del humanismo cristiano, a esta labor se dedican un claustro docente de reconocido prestigio y un equipo de tutores personales, Read less
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