Master's degree in restaurant management

Estudios Superiores Abiertos de Hostelería

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Master's degree in restaurant management

Estudios Superiores Abiertos de Hostelería

Master in Restaurants

Ranked positions in Restaurants

The host field today is extremely competitive, therefore, it is increasingly important to have professionals with restaurant management capacity, they are able to plan and organize the business.

This Master in Restaurants focuses on advanced and specialized training, and addresses the academic and professional expertise and promote introduction to research work in the hospitality field.

With the set of all subjects are also able to prepare on specific skills and abilities that enable their professional development in the field of restoration, and the performance of functions required by the sector and preparing to fill the jobs, levels of responsibility that the international labor market begins to require.


  • Management Skills - Environment and leadership. The knowledge worker. The new leader. Organization and management styles. Business growth and development.
  • Tourism law - civil aspects of procurement in the hospitality industry. The administrative legal framework for hospitality businesses. The working environment in the hospitality sector. Taxation applied to the hospitality industry. Commercial legal aspects of the hospitality business.
  • Administration and Management Control - Introduction to Hospitality costs. USALI. Budgets. Basic ratios. Integral Dashboard
  • Human Resources Management and Internal Communication - The organization and the organizational culture. Analysis, description and assessment of jobs. Capturing human resources. Selection and orientation of human resources. The company training staff evaluation. Internal communication within the company.
  • Sales and Marketing - Marketing hospitality and tourism. Definition of trade policy. The product as a commercial variable. Communication policy. New technologies in the marketing and commercialization. The marketing plan.
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance - Maintaining hotelero.La maintenance management. Security and control. The Self-protection plan.
  • Organization, planning and management of catering establishments - Management and processes food and beverage area. Purchasing Management. The financial management of the restoration. Management applied to catering establishments Banquet. Products V range. Negotiation: strategies and tactics. Other forms of restoration.
  • Nutrition, Environment and Quality - The quality management in tourism enterprises. Concept and importance of quality. Implementation of a quality system. Hygiene and food safety. HACCP system. Quality and environmental health.
  • Franchising: Franchisee & Franchisor - historical and etymological Settings-franchise franchising. Key Terms. Types of franchises. Advantages of franchising. Disadvantages of franchising. The value of a brand. Definition of contract. The elements of the franchise agreement. Contents of the contract: obligations and rights of the parties. The performance of the contract. The termination of the franchise agreement. Steps to the formation of a franchise. Precautions.


With the Master in restaurants get that:

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to address management and catering establishments, with special emphasis on the management and organization of related local restoration activities in its different types.
  • Have the skills to deal with different management problems such establishments in today's society in a multidisciplinary manner.
  • You can tackle positions, where they have to run the various processes involved in the hospitality business.
  • Fomentes ongoing processes and personal renewal in this type of competition and innovation in hospitality companies.
  • You develop processes applied to hospitality research.
  • Reconozas professional, moral and ethical issues involved in the services offered, and continue to guide the adoption of appropriate professional, ethical and legal practices.
  • Coordines Dirijas and expansion policy.


The Master in restaurants is aimed at people who want to:

  • Acquire specific preparation for joining a job in a catering establishment.
  • Improve or update their training in preparation to play a responsible position.

Taking professional opportunities as the director of food and beverage, catering manager, restaurant manager and purchasing manager, or expand knowledge in them.

Admission requirements

Access to Master in restaurants so can one of two ways:

  • Having a university degree or
  • Have professional experience. In this case, a committee will evaluate the knowledge and experience.
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