The growing importance of sustainable management is acquiring the marine and coastal ecosystems in state policies, is demonstrated by the numerous international agreements signed in recent years.

Many coastal municipalities, responsible for ensuring the health of its beaches and coasts, require increasingly, the presence of a specialized figure coastal management and resources, both biological and tourism. To this growing need for trained personnel must be added the lack of training plans training in the various state oceanographic disciplines, being very common specialization through postgraduate training.

The program in Marine Science and Technology is focused on the practical applications that occur in coastal systems. In this regard, a review of the various oceanographic disciplines so you have an idea of ​​unbounded marine blocks. Once understood the interactions between different disciplines, applied study delves into the coastal environment through practical specializations.

Duration, credit structure and degree

Regarding the distribution of the time it is established that: - As a program remotely and not subject to classes, not a specific start date set, so that students can enroll at any time, provided there is places available.

  • By academic or educational reasons has a minimum duration of six months program.
  • The maximum time available for the program is two years. In this time period, the student must have submitted all relevant evaluations and the Final Project or Thesis.


The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) periodically allocates an economic game with extraordinary FUNIBER Scholarship in Education.

To apply, simply submit your request to grant the required data portal home page, and the Evaluation Committee will consider the suitability of your application for the grant of financial assistance in the form of Fellowship Training FUNIBER.

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