Taking as its starting point the current market dynamics, which are characterized by low growth rates or saturation thereof and in which, in general terms, supply far exceeds demand, they set a context which only those companies and organizations that are able to adapt to the needs and demands of the markets in which they operate will continue to operate and develop in them.

The Master in Business Management and Marketing is an official title whose curriculum is published in the Official Gazette number 75 of 28 March 2012.

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The Master in Business Management and Marketing provides students with a deep understanding of the subjects of Business Management and Marketing, useful for further career, and helps in the development of critical and analytical capacities necessary to evaluate relevant issues of companies in this key area of ​​economic activity.

This Master, for its specialization in Commercial and Marketing Management, is geared towards preparing students for access and / or consolidation in an increasingly broad and diverse career.

On the one hand, preparing for the development of professional responsibilities related to the Commercial and Management and Marketing, as professional advice or the same specialized training, and on the other hand, allows the entry of students to specialized positions companies under its own specialized training that makes objectively candidates for leadership and management responsibilities. Access to these jobs is facilitated by the experience that students gain by performing practices in companies and institutions from various sectors.


official title

Students who meet the requirements of UDIMA obtain the title of Master in Business Management and Marketing taught by UDIMA, besides the title of Professional Master issued by the Center for Financial Studies.

UDIMA Requirements: Possess a bachelor's degree, college diploma or equivalent.



  • The Master in Business Management and Marketing is structured in different modules, integrated in turn by various subjects in line with the skills to aspiring participant.
  • The route through program modules makes the participant acquires, progressively, the knowledge and skills required to become a professional expert in the area: Master.
  • The Master in Business Management and Marketing Udima is configured undoubtedly the most complete on the market.

Main objective of the Master

The objective of main learning Master's Degree in Business Management and Marketing is to train professionals who are perfect and highly trained and equipped with the skills by developing their professional activity can reach configured as true leaders in front of business company achieving coordinate and align all functions the same as the axis of the consolidation and value creation for the organization in the environment and market.

This training program is designed for the student to master all the necessary knowledge to enable it to establish itself as a senior professional in the commercial and marketing companies and institutions.


Based on a thorough development of Concepts, Strategies, Techniques and Tools Marketing and Sales Management, with subsequent practical application that allows acquire a thorough knowledge and mastery of the same against the decision making and action in their professional activity

Classroom training

It is instrumented as follows: The meetings follow a model exhibition begins with the identification of objectives; then the corresponding theoretical approaches are taught, supported by appropriate teaching aids, and ends with the analysis of cases or case studies, both individually and in groups.

We are committed to each student to acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of the professional role it wants to play. This is achieved both through the development of interactive course and participation in working groups, and in which, depending on the contents to be taught, they are used in each case the most appropriate methodologies.

A good theoretical basis is the best support for proper development of a large number of case studies that bring students to business reality.

Blended training

They are interactive classes, balancing both individual work and participation in working groups. Students acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of professional role they want to play through: resolution of cases, role-playing and video-training, expository method, skills training, conducting exercises, cases and cases teams, debates and discussions.

They will be developed through the Virtual Campus and one weekend a month.

On line training

They begin in the months of October and February each year. The normal duration is 12 months.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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