Masters degree in business management and marketing


Program Description

Get a high level and skills in the area of ​​business management and marketing. The Master in Business Management and Marketing enables you to:

  • Develop, plan, launch and measure marketing strategies, communication and advertising.
  • Know in depth how the business environment works.
  • Deepening the area of ​​marketing with the knowledge, skills and tools.
  • Knowing how to apply the various commercial techniques at the right time.
  • Conduct market research and competition studies.
  • Comprehensive product design strategies.
  • Execute digital marketing campaigns.
  • Perform marketing strategies and business strategies for the company.

Consumers are increasingly demanding, they are more informed and exceptivos with brands. Companies need professionals business management and marketing with a market orientation guide the organization in a changing environment. Companies seeking professionals to establish the commercial offer (goods and services), communicate effectively and get convince the customer.

The online Master in Business Management and Marketing aims to train directors and managers that through the latest industry trends get increase business profitability. It allows students to experience the world of marketing a business expands regarding specific strategies and techniques currently used vision. On finishing the master students will be able to develop strategies and techniques to strengthen and achieve success in marketing departments you are working with the latest sales techniques, sales, marketing and communication.

The student will tour the marketing mix, marketing research, segmentation, dashboards, tools and CRM Call Center and all the factors necessary to establish a plan for success.

The online Master in Business Management and Marketing is primarily aimed at 3 profiles. SME entrepreneurs and managers who want to delve into the world of marketing with guarantees and support of a great business school. Professionals who are already in the area of ​​marketing or business of a company and want to catch up and update their knowledge, in order to settle their position or improve professionally within the department or organization. Finally people who are doing other work and want to expand their knowledge inside.


Professionals, graduates or university graduates who need or seek to renew their knowledge and adapt to the latest techniques to boost their professional training or as a complement to studies in the areas of Sales and Marketing careers.

Methodology and Evaluation


IMF advocates a flexible methodology according to your needs, tailored to your geographic location and your time availability. The Master in Business and Marketing can be studied under:

  • Online methodology: the entire agenda will have at your disposal from the virtual campus. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Distance methodology: Conveniences include all course material in book form.
  • Blended learning methodology: With the advantages of the online methodology, plus the opportunity to attend sessions.

They are more than 90,000 students trained in our methodology and its 5 main points:

  • Live online classes: online classes designed hours to be compatible and provide assistance. We have an e-learning platform with which you can communicate with teachers. All virtual sessions are recorded and are accessible from the virtual campus so you can use them and where you need to see them.
  • Virtual Campus: Students have access from any device with a modern and innovative virtual campus. Through its intuitive interface you can download teaching materials and recommended reading, practical exercises and self evaluable cases. It also has forums and chats that promote debates and discussion groups among students.
  • Tracking Custom Tutorial: Through the virtual campus, students have access to a personal tutor who will accompany them throughout the educational process. They may enter e-face tutoring through chats, photos, phone or email at any time. If you prefer, you can also answer your questions in person.
  • Virtual Library: Students have free access to more than 9,000 bibliographic records with which to strengthen their studies and into the deeper into the business world. It is a platform available to any device.
  • Networking Events: Being a student of MFI Business School offers the opportunity to attend webinars, and live events masterclass with which the latest developments of each sector and networking.


Continuous assessment. To help measure progress in their study, the student has self-assessment exercises of each module of the training program.

Career prospects

At the end of this master positions that you can perform the following functions:

  • Director of the Commercial Department.
  • Director of Marketing.
  • Sales manager.
  • Product Manager / Product Manager.
  • Head of Media and Public Relations.
  • Ac Key Manager.
  • Head of Marketing Studies.
  • Responsible for Market Research.
  • Technical Sales and MKT.
  • Direct Marketing expert.
  • Trade Marketing Manager.
  • Marketing Specialist online.
  • Community Manager and Social Media.
  • Consultant Marketing and Advertising Agencies.

guaranteed practices

IMF Business School, through its website and Employment Practices guarantees its students practices in companies. Query conditions.

Among the companies that IMF maintains educational cooperation agreements for training in jobs, include:


Price and Scholarships

In MFIs offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Grant of up to 70%
  • Financing up to 12 months without interest or bank intervention (see conditions)
  • Online Payment method: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment by installments without interest
  • Blended form of payment: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment by installments without interest
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 125,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects ... Read More

IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 125,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects we teach. We want to grow with you. The aim is to ensure a high level of satisfaction of our customers through personalized attention and excellence in service quality. This objective requires continuous improvement in the technical and material resources, and maximum involvement of all staff training to IMF is a different experience. Read less
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