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Program Description

The increasingly complex and globalized, current economic and financial situation poses a problem whose resolution requires professionals covering the need for companies to have expert panels that have a consolidated accounting issues preparation, both nationally and from an international perspective. For this qualification is a must receive training that provides knowledge, skills and operational skills both as specific in the accounting field as well as in all those fields that are related, such as financial and legal business.

The Master in Management and Accounting is an official title whose curriculum is published in the Official Gazette number 141 of 13 June 2013.

Addressed to

The Master serves perfectly the interests of future professionals who want to guide your career departments accounting or finance or those practitioners who wish to enhance their future, as it is oriented towards the labor market, turning in practice and specialization of different areas that compose it.

The Master in Management and Accounting is aimed mainly to university graduates, especially graduates or graduates:

  • Business Management.
  • Economy.
  • Law.
  • Diploma in Business Studies.

Exceptionally students from other degrees that guarantee basic knowledge of accounting, finance and taxation will be accepted, prior authorization from the Director of the Master.

However, those students who are not graduates or graduates in these qualifications may take a series of additional training to lay the foundation of financial management.

For these students, these training supplements are mandatory and can be made prior to the beginning of the Master or simultaneously the same way (see table training supplements in tab "Curriculum").

Main objective title

The overall objective of Master in Management and Accounting is to train professionals in the field of accounting with solid, comprehensive and constantly updated on the main techniques of national and international accounting knowledge and the development of major practical applications and allow them access to jobs of responsibility average or higher, both in the field of accounting and business. To undertake this purpose, any student who completes the title of Master in Management and Accounting Management should be able to approach any problem with scientific rigor, using all the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed within our field of study, but simultaneously being aware that its practical application has consequences that affect society (ethical dimension) given the special relevance of business in today's society.

Education system

The training model UDIMA is based on distance education, making intensive use of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) to facilitate the educational process.

The evaluation system of learning UDIMA aims to develop and, where appropriate, overcoming different types of activities. The percentage weights established to assess the activities of each subject will be described in detail in the file for each module or subject contained in the planning of education and established using the minimum and maximum set out in the following table:

  • Participation in learning activities ≥ 10%
  • Controls ≥ 20%
  • Continuous Assessment activities (AEC): ≥ 30%
  • Live Final exam ≤ 40%
  • TOTAL 100%

In all subjects academic student tracking is done through the qualification of educational activities based on the characteristics of the European Higher Education Area.

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