Master's Degree in Senior Management, Communication and Health Management


Program Description

  • Directors: Dr. Fernando Bandrés.
  • Credits: 60 ECTS.
  • Duration: October - June (one academic year).
  • Modality: Online.


The model that we propose is designed in a modular way, the Master's degree is based on courses that form graduates of 120 hours each (8 weeks), with an online format and a part blended voluntarily under the following premises:

  1. A certificate of participation will be given for each of the courses.
  2. To obtain the diploma, the attendance and evaluation requirements of each of the courses that make up each program must be covered.
  3. Courses refer to limited topics within the context of the academic program, but can be taken individually.
  4. Upon successful completion of the 4 graduates, the participant may choose to cover 120 hours of tutored work for the preparation of the TFM to be defended before a court and with which you can access a Master's Degree.

Whoever makes the Blocks 1, 2 and 3 would also be given the Diplomas corresponding to Management Models and Health Law, Diploma of Consultancy and Consulting in Clinical Ethics and the Diploma of Health Communication and Precision Journalism.


The course develops through the problem-oriented teaching method an update of the most relevant and practical questions that are questioned in the current public and private health management, while also analyzing the new criteria of public-private relationship, which can be necessary in the framework of the new globalized healthcare, emphasizing clinical ethics and health communication as a new paradigm to be considered in the social and health system. Students update the new concepts of health management towards which the XXI century evolves in the European Union and Latin America. Students develop models for solving problems and making decisions according to the practical cases that are presented.

Addressed to/>

The course is mainly aimed at health professionals.



  • Full Tuition Payment: 5000 euros.
  • Payment for reservation of 200 euros (this amount will not be refunded if, later, the student decided not to take the course).
  • Possibility of paying in two installments
  • Possibility of Scholarships up to 40%



  • Module 1: Public-private management models.
  • Module 2: New concepts of health management in the Central Health Services (SSCC) of the hospital.
  • Module 3: Law and Medicine, a new concept of relationship in the 21st century.
  • Module 4: Health Law and health policies.
  • Module 5: Human resources and labor management.
  • Module 6: Training Management and Corporate Social Responsibility within the framework of health institutions. Critical analysis.


  • Module 6: Introduction to clinical ethics.
  • Module 7: Methodology of work and decision making in clinical ethics.
  • Module 8: Ethical consulting and consulting models.
  • Module 9: Ethics Committees for Health Care.
  • Module 10: The bioethics consultant.
  • Module 11: Ethical mediation and other advisory models.
  • Module 12: Practical cases


  • Module 13. The health message and the new perception
  • Module 14. Precision health journalism / interpretation of data.
  • Module 15. Corporate communication / Communication plans / Internal and External Communication.
  • Module 16. Crisis and health emergencies.
  • Module 17. Digital health communication and Big Data / Technological Challenges.
  • Module 18. The digital paradigm and communication in the XXI century.
  • Module 19. The art of creating news and events in the field of health. (Associations of patients / Health Organizations / Universities / Pharmaceutical industry and health technology)


  • Right and decision making.
  • Good institutional governance
  • Corporate social responsibility and value creation.
  • Talent and empowerment of the human professional.
  • Hierarchy of responsibilities and health management.
  • Outsourcing of services.
  • Responsibility of the health professional.
  • Economic management of purchases for health and pharmaceutical products.
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