The best MBA in the area of ​​urbanism according to the "Ranking 250 best masters. The only official master's degree with which you will acquire the specific knowledge of the MBA programs applied to the particularities of the construction sector.


  • The Master's Degree in Building Management and Construction - MBA Construction Management Online makes you the professional that companies currently demand, capable of managing projects and assuming management responsibilities of companies engaged in construction .
  • You will be able to assume all phases of the building cycle , which includes planning, technical and executive projects, construction, incident management, rehabilitation and construction.
  • Training in the specific know-how for the preparation of projects and the management of works at national and international level .
  • You will know in depth the management, strategies and tools of companies dedicated to building and civil construction.
  • The cloister is made up of professionals of recognized prestige and top national and international directors of the main companies in the sector such as Sacyr, Ferrovial, Acciona.
  • Includes access to professional certification as Technical Building Consultant of the ACP.
  • Theoretical and practical training, following the learning by doing methodology of the European University, applied in a simple and flexible technological environment that allows you a total compatibility of your studies with your professional and personal life .
  • You will have a personal mentor who will accompany you throughout the master's degree.


Upon completion of this program, the student receives the official title of Master's Degree in International Construction Management and Construction. International Construction Management MBA issued by the European University of Madrid.

Professional outings

  • You will have the knowledge and tools to manage and direct the companies dedicated to building and civil construction.
  • You can become a Project Manager and / or Director of the execution of the work according to the professional profiles defined in the Law of Building Regulation (Law 38/1999).
  • Possibility of creating your own company thanks to the tools and the entrepreneurial spirit that is imparted.

Differential appearance

  • Online work methodology is designed to learn in a digital environment through real cases, virtual seminars, forums and collaborative tools of the Virtual Campus.
  • Agreement and the collaboration of the main companies in this sector such as Sacyr, Ferrovial, Acciona, among others.
  • The only official and specific MBA in the construction sector.
  • The best master's degree in urban planning according to the "Ranking 250 best masters" of El Mundo.
  • Access to professional certification as Technical Building Consultant of the ACP.
  • Claustro is made up of professionals of recognized prestige and top national and international directors of the main companies in the sector.
  • The main companies collaborating in the Master's Degree in International Construction Management and Construction -MBA International Construction Management are the following:
    Sacyr, FCC, San Jose Constructura, ACS, Editec, A-cero, Assignia, OHL, Larcovi, Gea Patrimonio, Inclam, Cobra, Detecsa, Ferrovial, Acciona, Bovis, Sumcoser.

New income profile

This master is designed to:

Architects, technical architects, civil engineers, construction engineers, road engineers and building technical engineers. Construction companies, architecture firms and project firms that need to incorporate and train new professionals.


The admission process to take an online degree / postgraduate course at the European University can be carried out throughout the year, although registration in any of our programs is subject to the existence of vacancies. To complete the admission process, applicants should follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Personal advice. Through our telephone (34) 918 340 192 or through our email, where you will receive the advice of the Online Admissions team.
  • 2. Submission of application and documentation to evaluate the profile of the applicant.
  • 3. Personal interview and profile evaluation.
  • 4. Confirmation of admission.
  • 5. Formalization of reservation and registration.

The admission process does not entail any cost for the candidate or any commitment until the reservation is formalized.


Structure of the curriculum

Module I. Construction Management of Construction

  • Introduction to the environment of the international construction sector worldwide
  • The general organization of the construction company
  • The Construction sector in the National Economy and in the International EU.
  • Economic information systems.
  • The Spanish legal system and its relationship with international systems: Labor law, administrative law, commercial law Business management
  • General aspects of the company.
  • Economy and business policy.
  • The special case of the construction company.
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Commercial management and marketing.
  • Supply and demand in the market, market types, Financial management of the construction company: Costs.
  • Strategies and results
  • Tax system
  • Strategic direction of the construction company
  • Management skills
  • Human Resources Management: Management Skills.
  • Creation of companies

Module II. Project Management

  • International Construction management
  • Organization of the work; Hiring of works Cost Control; Cash flow in the works Time management and planning; Project Management
  • Functions of the work manager Work visits.
  • Technical control area and risk management and building quality
  • Comprehensive quality management
  • Technical Control
  • On-site quality control Certification of innovative systems

Module III. Management tools

  • Project Management
  • International Certifications in Project Management Professional
  • MS Project Spring Computer Tools
  • Tools based on Building Information Modeling

Module IV. Business models, contracts and concessions

  • Business models
  • Engineering and consulting
  • Pure construction
  • Construction of industrial plants
  • Management or construction management
  • Construction with added services
  • Construction with financing contribution
  • Services: Environmental, urban, sanitary, transport, logistics, mining, hydrocarbon services, etc.
  • The operation and maintenance.
  • Facility Management
  • Concessions and PPPs
  • Others
  • Management of the contracting of works
  • Engineering contracts: The "turnkey" contract
  • Management and supervision of work.
  • The management control contract versus inspection.
  • Civil works and construction
  • Types of concession contracts
  • With traffic risk, shadow toll, payment for availability, etc.
  • The concession contract for public works and public service.
  • PPP collaboration.
  • Types of tenders: Dispute resolution

Module V. Analysis of markets and management of international projects

  • International Market Analysis Area
  • The Spanish multinational in the global economy: The current "state of affairs"
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Spanish companies in international markets
  • Analysis of international markets.
  • Analysis of competitiveness of countries: technology, public sector, public institutions, labor policy, quality of human resources, taxes, fiscal stability
  • Country risk, measurements.
  • The rating agencies.
  • Political risk
  • International Project Management Area
  • The international commercial function.
  • The pricing, knowledge of tenders.
  • Intermediaries
  • Business ethics.
  • Prohibited practices
  • The strategic decision to internationalize the company: criteria risks and opportunities
  • Cultural Management. The management of multi-diversity teams in the international arena

Research itinerary (12 ECTS)

The content of this itinerary is recognized as complements of training in research activity, completed within the master's degree studies and required as a requirement for access to the doctorate according to RD 99/2011 of January 28.

  • Research methodology.
  • Research applied to the management of the building.

Perform supervised professional practice in any of the sponsoring companies and / or collaborators of the Master for at least 2 months


Perform supervised professional practice in any of the sponsoring companies and / or collaborators of the Master for at least 1 month.

Theoretical module:

  • International Financing Structures Analysis and valuation of investment projects Project Finance
  • International tax planning
  • Guarantees and international guarantees
  • Legal aspects of taxation
  • Protection of international investments
  • International multilateral banking
  • Recognition of practices
  • Students with professional experience may request recognition of the internship period through an accreditation signed by their company that demonstrates the performance of a job where they applied the knowledge of the Master. The student must choose, before the beginning of the Master, one of these two alternative Itineraries and enroll in the one he wishes to take.

Module VII. Final Master's Project

  • Oriented to the application and development of the knowledge acquired throughout the course. Research work developed in a group and defended before a court.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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