The growing importance that environmental management is acquiring in state policies and, consequently, in business policies, is demonstrated by the abundant and increasingly rigorous legislation enacted in this regard. That is why a specialized figure in the management of the environment within companies is increasingly required. The globalization of markets has meant an increase in competitiveness among organizations and the breakdown of many of the business paradigms. Today, an organization cannot afford a one-dimensional view of its production process, but must take into account a multitude of environmental, social, economic and ethical factors. This means that it is not only necessary to produce with quality at a lower cost, but also to respect the environment and social conditions, both of the workers themselves and of the community in which the product is manufactured or destined. In this sense, training is essential to acquire the ability and strategies, systems, processes, tools and methods that allow managing the projection of organizations - mainly SMEs - in terms of sustainable development. The Master in Environmental Management and Audits presented here is an ideal reference for those organizations that need to train integral specialists in environmental management, understanding sustainability as a business opportunity and not as an associated cost.
Duration, credit structure and degree Regarding the distribution of time, it is established that: - Being a distance program and not being subject to face-to-face classes, a specific start date is not established, so the student can formalize the enrollment at any time, provided there are places available. - For academic and learning reasons there is a minimum duration of the Program of six months. - The maximum time available for the Program is two years. In this period of time, the student must have delivered all the corresponding evaluations, as well as the Final Project or Degree Thesis.
Scholarships The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) periodically allocates an extraordinary economic item for FUNIBER Training Scholarships. To apply, you only have to submit your scholarship application on the main page of the portal with the required data, and the Evaluation Committee will examine the suitability of your application for the granting of financial aid, in the form of a FUNIBER Training Scholarship.

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Last updated October 12, 2019
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