Talking about environmental engineering is synonymous with referring to a relatively new science, which is part of engineering, and that integrates ecological, social, economic and technological issues: therefore, it will have a lot to do with the concept of sustainable development.

It is precisely the objective of environmental engineering to propose solutions that contribute to the performance of a sustainable load capacity and a preservation of natural resources for the improvement of the quality of life. However, combining economic growth with sustainable development is often complex, and may even seem contradictory, so it is the job of the environmental engineer to develop solutions that contribute to the country's growth in the framework of sustainable development. In his professional performance he will have to diagnose, design, implement, investigate, administer and undertake the possible solutions to needs presented in society in the respective work area or sphere of action.

In this context, the Master in Environmental Engineering and Technology makes a review from the technical point of view to the different environmental problems arising from industrial activities, and proposes the adoption of solutions and good practices always taking into account economic and social factors.

Duration, credit structure and degree

Regarding the distribution of time, it is established that:

  • Being a distance program and not being subject to face-to-face classes, a specific start date is not established, so the student can formalize the enrollment at any time, provided there are places available.
  • For academic and learning reasons, a minimum duration of the Program of six months is available.
  • The maximum time available to complete the Program is two years. In this period of time, the student must have delivered all the corresponding evaluations, as well as the Final Project or Degree Thesis.


The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) periodically allocates an extraordinary economic item for FUNIBER Training Scholarships.

To apply, you only have to submit your scholarship application on the main page of the portal with the required data, and the Evaluation Committee will examine the suitability of your application for the granting of financial aid, in the form of a FUNIBER Training Scholarship.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 12, 2019
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