Become an expert in General Administration and Accounting

Life Learning in collaboration with Dr. Emilio Corteselli present the revolutionary "Master with Diploma in Corporate Finance Management: Become an expert in Corporate Financial Governance" that will teach you how to become Head of Account for the management of Finance Departments and Business Administration, also will provide the information necessary to manage in a practical way the fundamental aspects of the accounting of a company in order to constantly know the economic-financial situation.

Why choose this course?

At the end of this extensive training course you will have the necessary preparation to manage the accounting teams, draft basic accounting records and related registers, manage and schedule administrative communications to public and social security bodies, etc. of the process, responsibilities and management control tools in companies.

The aim of the "Master with a Diploma in Corporate Finance Management: Become an expert in Corporate Governance" is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of the functioning mechanisms of this management system, useful for guiding and empowering managers towards the basic objectives of management, coupled with an initial ability to apply this knowledge, will also increase the awareness that the process of determining income and balance sheet capital implies a complex economic reasoning on the management of a company, functional to grasping the conditions of income, financial and equity balance; through the skills acquired, it will be easier to deal with all company stakeholders.

To carry out his duties, the administrative clerk requires a good command of the IT tools and management software used by the company and will have to know in depth everything related to the general and fiscal accounting, administrative law, commercial law and analytical accounting .

The "Master with a Diploma in Corporate Finance Management: Become an expert in Corporate Financial Governance" will allow you to acquire the skills necessary for inclusion in the company, where through the study and understanding of all business processes, you can become one of the reference to the management control support activities for the operational managers in their decision-making process, you will acquire the skills necessary to prepare a financial statement, to proceed with its analysis, as well as being able to read and interpret the analyzed prospectus. In addition you will be able to acquire the know-how necessary to prepare the activity of planning and monitoring of activities from an economic-financial point of view. The evolution of the labor market is increasingly leading companies to internally hire the entire team dedicated to administration both to save on the fees of external consultants, and to have the resources trained and dedicated to the financial analysis of the company, with a view to optimizing costs and revenues. In this perspective, the different topics in the program are also developed by presenting exercises, business cases and examples built on the basis of real situations.

What will you learn with this course?

Sign up for my online course "Master with Diploma in Corporate Finance Management: Become an expert in Corporate Financial Governance" and you will have access to my lessons where you will learn:

  • How to carry out the activity of administrative employee or administrative consultant;
  • To keep company accounts;
  • How to make the tax return;
  • To read a budget;
  • How to apply the general accounting techniques, providing answers to the company's accounting needs;
  • How to understand and analyze the structure of accounting in the company;
  • How to draw up the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Explanatory Notes;
  • How to carry out Risk Management and Management Control activities.

By signing up for the course you will have these bonuses:


Course program

  • Analysis by Indices
  • Flow Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Business Plan
  • General Accounting
  • Accounting - I Part
  • Business Economics
  • Accounting - Part II
  • Tax Law - I Part
  • Managerial Economics
  • Commercial Law
  • Tax Law - Part II
  • Accounting - Part III
  • Final Test
Program taught in:
  • Italian

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Last updated April 6, 2019
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