Master on Water Awareness, Consciousness Knowledge and Management

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Program Description

Master on Water Awareness, Consciousness Knowledge and Management

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

The Master’ Course in "Water Awareness, Consciousness, Knowledge and Management" was born to offer a high-level holistic training on the issue of water and water resources, with a focus on the development of a robust culture on water and based on the two main aspects that are represented by the awareness and widespread and inclusive approach to water as the main source of life.

Through videolessons and live streaming classrooms with professors selected among the best expert of the sector, the Master’s Course offers a training focused on global values and knowledge, though having local verticalization and applications.

The additional contribution of businessmen, managers, civil servants, diplomats, and scholars is useful to share the managerial experiences that are functional to the necessary interplay between theoretical learning and practical applications that make easier and enhance also the creation of a network of worldwide human and social relationships.

The objective of this Master’s Course is to spread a Culture of Water based on a dynamic learning approach, suitably training the students in the following fields:

  • Private businesses
  • public administration
  • diplomatic activity
  • governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • European Union’s institutions and agencies
  • African Union’s institutions and agencies
  • multilateral institutions and boards
  • journalism and communication
  • public administration and local boards

Target students and requirements

The Master’s Course is aimed at students, including those who are already in the labor market, interested in deepening and implementing their knowledge on water, supplying them with a holistic cultural perspective on the issue of Sustainable and Responsible Development with a focus on water resources and on management and protection, getting them used to prioritize issues based on the specific situations which they are confronted with.

The Master’s Course is aimed at European and non-European students who have completed a university degree course.

How to study

The Internet-based training activities take place in a web-based macro-area which is called the Didactic Cyberspace. In the Didactic Cyberspace, the training and learning process takes place and accesses are diversified through customized login and password based on the role of the players in the educational path: professors, tutors, and students. Lessons and online on-demand activities are available 24h/day together with live streaming virtual classrooms and recorded virtual classrooms (


Duration: 1 academic year

Credits: 60 ECTS

Language: English


1. Water Knowledge and Experiences

  • Water and the development of civilizations in the Mediterranean Region up to the contemporary world
  • Sustainable and Responsible Development
  • Geopolitics of Water
  • Water in International Relations

2. Water Awareness and Management

  • Biological Premises of Water
  • Aquae, the Social Dimension of Water
  • Water and Seas
  • Fundamentals of Hydraulics and soil conservation
  • Health and Environmental Engineering
  • Applied ecology
  • Juridical scenarios for land policies

The courses are delivered by video lecturers with the assistance of qualified tutors who will assist the students online in the Didactic Cyberspace along their entire training period. Each course ends with a final assessment test whose result contributes to the awarding of the final mark to be admitted to the discussion of the course final thesis. The final thesis will deal with an issue agreed with the professor of the chosen subject.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Italian

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Master’ Course in "Water Awareness, Consciousness, Knowledge and Management"

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