Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)


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Program Description

NationsUniversity offers affordable, accessible, and accredited online programs. All of our programs are 100% online and self-paced. Study when and where you want according to your schedule.

NationsUniversity's donors are dedicated to our approach to teaching scripture and believe God's Word is the key to a better world. These generous donors are willing to pay for your first three months of study. This gift allows you to study without any cost except the $25 registration fee. These donors are willing to invest in you and help you earn a Biblical education so you can change your world. At the end of your first quarter, you will be in a position to make a decision that is best for you. All new students not eligible for other discounts who register on or after August 3, 2019 are eligible for this gift. This offer ends December 31, 2019.

Do you want to study for an MTS degree entirely online? Apply to NationsUniversity!

Would you like to be a minister, lead a non-profit mission, become a missionary, or have a career teaching religious studies? These are examples of some of the positions our online theological studies program may open for you upon your graduation.

The NationsUniversity Master of Theological Studies program provides an accessible and affordable path to earning a degree online. You will develop Biblical knowledge and skills through a self-guided study. Qualified faculty assist you in the development of exegetical and hermeneutical methods.

All advisors in the program are trained in online teaching, thus providing you with the best possible guidance. All NU programs include your textbooks with the cost of tuition. The textbooks are provided through an online library that is supported by University patrons. Also, translation tools are made available at no cost for ESL students.

Within our Master of Theological Studies degree program, you will develop the practical skills for your future career. Theology in this instance is understood to encompass both critical religious study–primarily of the Christian religion–and its practice. As such courses may contain theoretical and spiritual formation components. Your understanding of ancient texts and scripture will be enhanced.

Courses are normally completed one at a time, but a student is not prohibited from enrolling in multiple courses simultaneously. For more peer support and additional information, check out our NU Facebook page or sign up for informative emails about our programs.

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What is an MTS Degree?

The Master of Theological Studies program is a general academic graduate degree providing serious study of Scripture, historical and systematic theology, comparative theology and ethics. Courses will equip you to understand the deeper elements of the Christian faith as well as how they relate to issues the Christian church faces today.

NU is innovative in its approach; it maintains no brick and mortar campuses and educates you in your home community. During your studies, you will work independently assisted by our international faculty drawing upon expertise from various ministries and mission fields. You will have the possibility to deepen your knowledge and to develop critical thinking skills. Many students choose the M.T.S. solely as a way to increase their knowledge of Christianity as well as to bring that knowledge to their families, careers, or individual lives.

The program builds on either the B.R.S. or on undergraduate degree programs earned elsewhere. If you are working a full-time job or living in the mission field, it is difficult to drop everything and go to a campus program. The degree represents an aproximate two-year study.

NationsUniversity offers you a flexible way of acquiring a MTS degree entirely online. Our program gives you the perfect opportunity to combine your studies with your life needs.

Why take an online degree?

  • Access the globally recognized American education while living anywhere in the world
  • Study at your own pace in the comfort of your home, without changing your lifestyle
  • Expand your digital work competencies using digital tools as part of your studies
  • Connect online with students from all over the world in an authentic international environment

How will you study online?

  • Independent courses offer a chance to focus on studies of your at your own time and pace
  • There are no semesters or deadlines to meet
  • Interesting, up-to-date online materials to gain knowledge on our online learning platform
  • Advisors trained in online education are available to provide full support throughout your studies

What will you study?

  • Have strengthened foundations in the Old Testament and New Testament for enriching personal spiritual faith and developing spiritual maturity.
  • Have an enhanced their understanding of biblical theology through systematic analysis of Scripture in its social, historical, and literary settings.
  • Courses culminate with a series of essays calculated to measure the student’s ability to think critically about modern topics in view of the ancient text of scripture.
  • Elective courses are customized to gain more in-depth knowledge based on your personal study plan.

Entrance examination

There is no entrance examination. However, admission to a degree program requires the successful completion of the third course of the program.

English Requirements:

  • Submission of a TOEFL score of 500 or above or acceptable substitute (61 iBT, 6.0 IELPS, 44 PTE),
  • Grade level 3 on ACT Compass,
  • Pre-1 on Eiken English Proficiency Exam,
  • Secondary school diploma where instruction is in English, or "C" or better in English Composition from an accredited college) by the student whose native language is not English.

Key Facts

  • Degree program: Theological Studies
  • Type of education: Master's degree
  • Degree title: Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)
  • Duration and workload: 36 credits / 2 years
  • Study location: Entirely Online
  • Next application period: Open Enrollment
  • Studies begin: After Completion of Registration

Transfer Credit

A maximum of six (6) semester credits may be accepted in transfer toward the M.T.S., provided the credits are (1) religious in nature, (2) come from an accredited institution, and (3) have not been applied toward another degree. No credit will be applied toward the M.T.S. that has been used for another graduate degree issued by NationsUniversity.

How Do I Register?

You must complete the online registration form at our How Do I Register? page.

For detailed instructions on applying and for example admission criteria visit our Admissions Overview page.

You may begin studying upon completion of the registration process and payment of the $25 USD registration fee.

How Much Does NU Cost?

  1. Registration Fee – A one-time initial registration fee of $25 shall apply to all new students.
  2. Tuition Fee – The tuition of $450 per quarter shall apply to those students identified below in Section 3. The quarterly assessment covers tuition for one course, or as many courses as the student desires to attempt in accordance with his or her academic plan of study during his or her academic quarter.
  3. Discounted Groups: Students who reside outside of certain developed countries are eligible for a 100% discount on tuition, not including the registration fee. Click here to learn if you are eligible.
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We are "a school without walls" that provides an affordable, high-quality Christian education for everyone.

We are "a school without walls" that provides an affordable, high-quality Christian education for everyone. Read less