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Program Description

⚡️ Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We have temporarily adopted our programs for virtual instruction so that our new students have an option to begin their program in Summer or Fall 2020 virtually, and then change to on-campus learning, once the Czech Republic re-opens its borders.

Why study strategic communications at UNYP?

With increasing communication possibilities, a crucial question that concerns both organizations and individuals is one of strategy. Just having the tools at one’s disposal, does not result in effective communication, it is the understanding of the choices of channels that help organizations and people to achieve their goals. UNYP is proud to offer this forward-looking, British-modelled Master’s degree in cooperation with the University of Bolton, UK.

What makes this program unique?

This program was not designed solely by academics. It was developed by researching what major communications organizations want to see when hiring new people. Executives at major corporations such as Microsoft and SAP were consulted, as well as global communication agencies such as Havas. In addition, qualitative research was conducted with Master’s students in Communication in order to understand what they liked and did not like about their studies.

The result is an innovative Master’s in Strategic Communications program with an emphasis on application, case studies, and practical problem-solving methodologies in order to prepare students for the fast-paced, dynamic, and ever-evolving global communications environment.

Is this Master’s degree program right for me?

Since communication has taken over virtually every aspect of our lives, the program is suitable for students coming from a variety of backgrounds. The program is in executive format meaning that the classroom hours take place in intensive weekend classes. This is for two reasons: It allows students to continue with their careers while studying concurrently, but importantly, allows them to share their professional experiences, and apply what they are learning to their working lives. It is a delicate balance between a busy working life and studying, but we try to work together – professors and students – to find the ideal balance between a rich working life, and rich student life.

Who can I expect to be in the classroom with?

The program prides itself on unparalleled diversity in the local market. The program welcomes a mix of working professionals and high-achieving recent graduates, with backgrounds in diverse areas such as journalism, business, international relations, psychology, human resources, and a broad range of other fields. This range of backgrounds brings diversity to the study of strategy in communication, by allowing the possibility to see areas from different contexts. Diversity does not finish with the students; the core nine instructors are of seven nationalities.

Structure of the Program

The program takes place over 12 months, from October to September. It begins with a compulsory research and study skills module, with an emphasis on academic writing, to prepare students for the expectations of study at the Master’s level. Following this, the program covers seven modules on a monthly basis from October to April. The modules run in an intensive weekend format Fridays from 17:00 - 21:00, and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 - 18:00. The final module – Research Methods – leads into the final capstone component of the program. In the Dissertation / Practicum module, students chose between a classic academic-focused dissertation and a more practically oriented consultancy project.

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  • Research & Study Skills
  • Organizational Communication in Context
  • Global Digital Media: Theory and Practice
  • Public Communication and Media Relations
  • Communication for Social Change
  • Brand Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation / Practicum

Prospective Career Opportunities

  • Media Relations Management
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Mediation/Negotiation Specialists
  • Media planning
  • Internal Communication Directors
  • Public Information Officers
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Creative Directors
  • Cultural Advisers and Liaisons
  • Crisis Communication Specialists
  • Social media management
  • Event management
  • Corporate communications
  • Lobbyist
  • Copy editing
  • Journalism
  • Human resources
  • Political campaign advising
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