Master of Science in Digital Marketing


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Program Description

The MSc in Digital Marketing aims to promote students’ professionalism in a world where organizations and businesses face complex problems when at the same time it aims to promote students’ critical and cutting edge thinking in modern challenges and research trends of digital marketing. The field of digital marketing is rapidly evolving along with the market’s need for professionals equipped with a contemporary knowledge management tool-kit. To this extent, the Master in Digital Marketing aims to equip students with tools and techniques of critical analysis and thinking to a high degree of professional standards. Furthermore, the MSc in Digital Marketing aims to advance students’ research skills towards applying them in real-life situations.

More specifically, the MSc in Digital Marketing aims, by combining both theoretical knowledge and practical approaches, to:

  • Guide students through the coming changes, and prepare them to be able to generate growth in a marketing landscape continually disrupted by new technology,
  • Provide students with a digital-focused perspective on marketing, and insight on how to use emerging digital channels in marketing strategies,
  • Provide students with a broad assessment in three core areas, a) marketing fundamentals, b) digital marketing methods, and c) innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • Equip students with analytical and research tools to undertake rigorous research and apply research projects in real-life situations,
  • Develop professionals to a high degree of professional standards in the contemporary field of digital marketing.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the Master in Digital Marketing, graduates are expected to be able to:

  • PLO1: Critically evaluate and discuss concepts and theories related to the field of digital marketing.
  • PLO2: Demonstrate skills of critical analysis in real-life complex problems in the sphere of digital marketing.
  • PLO3: Critically assess the decisions taken by organizations and businesses towards creating digital marketing strategies.
  • PLO4: Critically evaluate research in the field of digital marketing and discuss recent research trends and concepts.
  • PLO5: Think analytically and apply research tools in designing and undertaking rigorous and independent research in the field of digital marketing.
  • PLO6: Demonstrate advanced skills in analyzing and effectively using research data, big data, and qualitative and quantitative information towards providing solutions in complex business problems.
  • PLO7: Develop professionalism and critical awareness of the professional standards characterized by ethos, creativity, and self-management.
  • PLO8: Effectively work in groups, collaborate, and build professional relationships with diverse audiences.
  • PLO9: Critically evaluate and use information from a wide range of sources and effectively communicate them by using a variety of media with awareness and professional responsibility of the security issues of the digital environment.
  • PLO10: Demonstrate skills in critically evaluating and applying digital and web technologies in digital marketing in real-world situations.


Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted into the Master in Digital Marketing, candidates must possess a Bachelor's Degree or the equivalent of Departments of Economic Sciences, Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Communication, and Informatics. The general admission criteria are based on the type and quality of previous studies with grade 6.5/10 or 2:1 and the suitability of the candidate for the program of study that has been applied for.

Students are expected to have a minimum prerequisite background in Marketing. In cases of applications with an inadequate Marketing background, students will have to seat on a pass/fail basis on an undergraduate class such as Principles of Marketing (BUSN104).

The Master in Digital Marketing Coordinator will be actively involved in the review of applications and his approval will be required before admitting any student into the program.

A student who applies for the MSc in Digital Marketing should submit the following documents:

  • Application form
  • ID/Passport copy
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • Bachelor degree and transcript
  • Two reference letters
  • English language certificate

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Methods

The Master’s teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, case-study applications, and independent research. In addition, it is designed to provide an academic experience going beyond that of the traditional classroom, in which the flow of information is primarily from the instructor to the student. The intention of the Master in Digital Marketing is that each participant will contribute to the education of the entire class through active participation in the learning procedure. The MSc in Digital Marketing follows a student-centered strategy based on a mix of various active learning techniques aiming to embed real-life scenarios to the Master’s core of activities and at the same time, through a research-oriented strategy, the MSc in Digital Marketing aims to equip students with applied research skills. It is essential students enrolled MSc in Digital Marketing to learn through active teaching and learning mix of techniques combining real life and research aspects towards creating professionals with a high degree of professional standards. To this extent, our student-centered approach is implemented through interactive tasks and formative assessments (not graded) which are scheduled and mapped at each syllabus. Moreover, the learning journey is enriched with simulation games by well-known simulation packages and the Neapolis Experiential Studying Tasks-NEST, which offers the opportunity of assignments designed in collaboration with companies based on their real-life needs.

Each course is evaluated by mid-term assignment(s) during the semester and examining at the end of the semester. In the event that a student has not attended the examination or failed to attend a fall or spring semester, he/she is entitled to take a re-test at the end of the academic year.

30% or 40% of the students’ final grade in each course corresponds to their performance in the midterm assessment and other interactive graded activities, whereas 60% or 70% – respectively to midterm assessment – corresponds to their performance in the final exams. In order to secure a passing grade in a course, students need to secure a passing grade (i.e. 50% or higher) in all assessment components.

The dissertation cannot be shorter than 13,000 words and longer than 15,000 words, including the bibliography and the abstract. After submission, the main supervisor prepares a written and reasoned report with his/her consent for public support. The defense of the dissertation is made publicly or via an electronic videoconference before a three-member committee.

Program Structure

In accordance with the relevant announcements made by the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education, students have the opportunity to complete their postgraduate studies in two academic semesters (12 months) as long as they start the conduction of their Master’s Dissertation during the first or second semester of their studies, including the summer period. In this case, the completion of the Master’s Dissertation may be prolonged during the summer period, for one or two months. In any case, the total ECTS remains 90.

Duration: 1.5 years (3 Academic Semesters)


The Master in Digital Marketing is structured as follows:

Semester 1

  • DM515 Digital Marketing Compulsory
  • MBA500 Research Methods and Data Analysis Compulsory
  • MBA561 Marketing Management & Business Communication Compulsory
  • DM504 e- Consumer Behavior

Semester 2

  • DM505 Digital Communication and Social Media Strategies Compulsory
  • DM508 Big Data and Marketing Analytics Compulsory
  • MBA584 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Compulsory
  • IS507 Disruptive Technologies

Semester 3

  • DIS600 Dissertation
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