• 3 core courses
  • 3 elective courses
  • 2 Impact courses plus an Impact Coach
  • 2 Self-Mastery courses plus a Self-Mastery Mentor
  • Impact Project with pathway from ideation to manifestation

Requirements: an undergraduate degree or an MBA Length: 10 courses Price: US$6,000 This program is designed to provide you with an understanding of the field of social innovation and offer a base education in how to create and develop new social ventures. It combines pioneering thinking in the field with learning from real-world case studies and offers foundational skills in how to transform an idea into a viable social enterprise. This program also invites you to understand your triggers for action in both the global and local contexts and offers valuable mental models and tools for designing ways to engage in issues of interest. The MSc can be an additional specialty on top of an existing MBA qualification or can be taken as a program in its own right as the next step beyond an undergraduate degree. Certain competencies may be required to be demonstrated in advance, accessible through the Ubiquity platform. Upon completing this program, you will be better able to articulate and assess the viability of an idea and make choices from among a variety of approaches to social innovation. This program is relevant to students seeking to be entrepreneurial either in your own startup, as an intrapreneur within an organization, or as a leader of a social cause initiative that can benefit from more entrepreneurial thinking and doing. As with all Ubiquity learning experiences, your academic study will be combined with a self-mastery program with courses and your own Self-Mastery Mentor to support you in the development of the inner qualities needed to be highly effective in an increasingly turbulent and complex operating reality. Ubiquity’s Unique Impact Project This Masters of Science is completed through your successful engagement in a Ubiquity Impact Project. This involves you designing, preparing and implementing a change initiative in your organizational or community context - in collaboration with your peers and stakeholders. In this process, you will be supported by your very own Impact Coach and a set of Impact resources and courses which will enable you to pitch for investment from Ubiquity’s Social Impact Fund - and take your new enterprise into the world.

Program taught in:
  • English

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