The Master in Human Resources Management 4.0 aims to prepare you to manage the most important asset of any company: its human capital.

The program will show you the operative models and the most innovative strategies to design and manage each aspect of Human Resources Management under a new environment where internet, Web 4.0 and changes in society and organizations have meant a transformation of the model in the methods of selection, motivation, training, talent management and intellectual capital of a company.

The aim of the Master in HR Management 4.0 is to show you the application of the latest recruitment, selection, organization and motivation techniques, as well as the new practices of people management in the digital age.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Human Resources Master 4.0 you will be perfectly capable of:
  • Process and manage the HR department of a company applying the most innovative and effective talent management techniques.
  • Direct the human capital of a company, from retribution, hiring, prevention of occupational risks and labor termination.
  • Select, retain and motivate the talent that contributes the most value to the company.
  • Facing changes in organizations and new organizational models.
  • Make the most of the new technologies available for the proper management of HR.
  • Use new leadership techniques and staff training.
  • Become a professional that pursues ethics following current standards of corporate social responsibility.
  • Adapt in the company the most innovative business communication models and be able to efficiently process individual or collective conflicts that arise in the company.

Who is it for?

The Master in Human Resources Management 4.0 provides training specifically oriented to the following profiles:
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop their strategic skills in talent management.
  • Directors of HR departments who need to recycle their knowledge and training and who want to learn the most innovative human capital management techniques.
  • Intermediate controls that require a degree to promote professionally.
  • Future HR managers who need training in line with the interpersonal values of the 21st century.


The structure and subjects of the Master in HR 4.0 are organized as follows:

Module 1. Strategic Organization of Human Resources

  • The role of HR 4.0
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational Planning
  • HR Strategy Project

Module 2. Building Culture in Organizations

  • The digital transformation of the company
  • Employer branding. Enhance the employer's brand
  • Strategy and recruitment plan 4.0.
  • Masterclass

Module 3. Attracting Talent

  • Profiles 4.0
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Digital Employer Branding
  • Recruitment and Selection Project

Module 4. Tools for a digitized organization

  • Cloud tools for your company
  • How to optimize our organization in the network
  • Share and acquire knowledge in EAs and PLEs
  • Masterclass: How to use networks to find employment
  • Masterclass: Robotization and industry 4.0: involvement in work

Module 5. Build Labor Relations

  • Landing in the Company: Induction, Reception and Training
  • Learning Organizations
  • Management by Competencies I
  • Welcome and Induction Project.

Module 6. Recruitment and Selection 4.0

  • Headhunter 3.0. Search for executive profiles
  • Selection of talent through web 4.0
  • Talent 4.0. The evolution of the professional profile
  • Masterclass: Mobile recruitment
  • Masterclass: Success story

Module 7. Developing Talent

  • Management by Competencies II
  • Evaluation Interviews
  • Mentoring, coaching, shadowing
  • Project of strategic organization

Module 8. Social Networks for Recruitment

  • Social networks in the direction of people and professional networking
  • Multimedia resources: apps, video, podcast, photos and documents
  • The use of LinkedIn for the selection of people
  • Masterclass: How to improve your LinkedIn profile
  • Masterclass: Success story

Module 9. Retain Talent

  • Motivation. Theories and techniques
  • Leadership 4.0 I
  • Leadership 4.0 II
  • Motivation and Leadership Project

Module 10. Knowledge Management and Communities

  • Knowledge management in the network
  • Communities of knowledge in organizations
  • The role of the leader in the digital organization
  • Masterclass: Machine learning
  • Masterclass: Dynamization techniques for virtual communities

Module 11. Compensating people

  • Remuneration linked to performance
  • Social benefits
  • Flexible remuneration
  • Compensation and compensation project

Module 12. Inbound Recruitment

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Hire and fall in love
  • Masterclass

Module 13. Managing people

  • Happy Companies
  • CMI: Indicators Lever
  • People management and project management
  • People Management Project

Module 14. Trends in Talent Selection and Management

  • The role of HR in the organization of the 21st century
  • Selection techniques of people
  • Talent management in today's business
  • Masterclass: How is the selection process in Google?
  • Masterclass: Success story

Module 15. Communicate, Negotiate, Respect, Grow

  • The Climate in the Organization
  • Labor Mediation
  • Growing Organizations: Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Internal Communication Project

Module 16. People Management

  • Organization 4.0. Fundamentals, evolution and trends
  • Organization models in the millennial era
  • GTD and productivity
  • Masterclass

Master Project of Human Resources 4.0

* The syllabus and masterclasses may suffer modifications motivated by the update and improvement thereof.

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated January 7, 2019
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