Master of Divinity (MDiv)


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Program Description

Empowering faithful Christian leaders for every generation, culture, and community

Program Snapshot

  • Program Director: Dr. Colin Godwin
  • Academic Qualifications: A recognized Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of a B average in Undergrad studies
  • Suitable Candidates: Typical students are preparing to be ordained for ministry and for pastoral leadership in congregations and other settings
  • Total Credits: 72
  • Program Tuition: $345 per credit
  • Part-time Study Duration: 6 years

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Streams of Specialization 


The goal of this specialization is to further equip and empower preachers to preach the good news with greater insight into the task of preaching and with a greater understanding of the news preachers preach.

Spiritual Formation (through the participation of the CSF) 

The Center for Spiritual Formation (CSF) exists to cultivate a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ within the lives of its participants. The program provides a variety of learning experiences that involves instruction and reflection, thoughtful practice and spiritual companionship, service, and prayer.

Bible Study and Teaching

The Bible Study and Teaching specialization are designed to help Christian leaders and pastors to go deeper in their understanding of God’s word and equip them with the tools to teach the Bible to others.

North American Chinese Church Ministries (NACCM)

The North American Chinese Church Ministries (NACCM) specialization is designed to provide contextualized training for leadership in trilingual (Mandarin, Cantonese, and English) and bicultural (Chinese and Western) North American Chinese Church communities, helping students to learn, reflect, dialogue, and integrate the universal Christian tradition within the North American Chinese church context, in order to take up roles as second and third-generation leaders and to meet the particular challenges and opportunities in the modern Chinese church.

Campus/College Student Ministries

Through a partnership with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Carey has developed a Diploma program in Campus/College Student Ministries, providing training and resources to enrich ministry in a campus environment or among young adults in the local church. Courses in this area may be taken as electives in Carey’s Master's Programs to form a specialization in Campus and/or College Student Ministries.

Program Features

The Master of Divinity program is designed with the conviction that preparation for ministry is most effective when located in the local church. As a student, you remain rooted in your primary community, continuing to grow and learn in your place of life and ministry. Your studies and ministry complement each other as you continue to live out God’s call on your life and vocation.


Carey's M.Div. program is designed based on the conviction that preparation for ministry is most effective when located within the local church.


Students must remain rooted in their primary community during the MDiv program so that they will continue to grow and learn in their own place of life and ministry.


M.Div preparation is not disruptive to continuing ministry commitments. In fact, learning is enhanced by means of individualized contextualization as each student integrates their course of study with their particular ministry setting.

Through this program you will be able to:

  1. Acquire skills for proclaiming God’s work in the world through the teaching of Scripture, participating in that work, and calling others to discipleship that participates in that work;
  2. Develop nurturing practices for a life of prayer, celebration, and service;
  3. Practice cultural engagement, ethical reflection, and a passionate witness to the Gospel in word and deed;
  4. Develop a life and ministry of hospitality, truthfulness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, thanksgiving, and generosity.

Course Requirements

(Total: 72 credits)

Foundation courses (18 credits)

  • MLOS - Graduate Studies Orientation (Mandatory) - 0 credit
  • COR510 - Intro to Old Testament 1 - 3 credits
  • COR511 - Intro to Old Testament 2 - 3 credits
  • COR520 - Intro to New Testament 1 - 3 credits
  • COR521 - Intro to New Testament 2 - 3 credits
  • COR530 - Intro to Christian Thought 1 - 3 credits
  • COR531 - Intro to Christian Thought 2 - 3 credits

Direction courses  (12 credits)

  • INDS610 - Faith & Life: Church - 3 credits
  • APPL640 - Pastoral Life: Calling, ID, & Ethics - 3 credits
  • THEO504 - The Gospel in a Multicultural World - 3 credits
  • APPL624 - Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Resolutions - 3 credits

Focus courses (18 credits)

18 credits in total - choose at least one from each category and a total of 6 courses:

  • Proclamation
  • Evangelism & Mission
  • Pastoral Care
  • Leadership & Administration

Specialization courses (15 credits)

15 credits in total - choose any available specialization or elective course up to a total of 15 credits.

Synthesis courses (9 credits)

  • CAPS700 - Practicum, Capstone Project & Mentorship

Non-credit Requirement

  • Orientation, Retreat, Small Groups, Spiritual Disciplines, Cultural Immersion
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