Master of Computer and Information Sciences


Program Description

Welcome to the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. The department contributes to the mission of the University in training of undergraduate and graduate students with requisite skills needed to solve complex technological problems of modern society and the attainment the millennium development goals. Current research focus includes Software engineering, Management Information Systems, and Bioinformatics. The CIS department offers degree programs leading to the B.Sc, M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Management Information Science respectively. The Department of Computer Science and Information Sciences has 22 full-time teaching and research faculty, 3 research assistants, and 6 associate or adjunct faculty. The department has two ultra-modern laboratories to aid the training of its students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

The department has adopted a broad strategy of human resources development that encompasses educational, cultural, social, political and spiritual development such that our graduates will be sufficiently equipped to make valuable contributions to national development towards the attainment of the millennium development goals. We intend to nurture graduates, who by leveraging on their sound foundational training and skills in the computing sciences would become globally relevant in the industrial, and academic domains, and eventually emerging as future leaders in the fields of Computing, Computational Sciences, and Information and Communication Technology, both in Nigeria and the global community. The department is committed to producing highly creative and innovative graduates that are competent enough to seek self-employment in the field of Information Technology and its allied disciplines, or at the least be immediately employable. Research-wise, the department aims to make significant contributions to the advancement of the broad field of Computer Science and national attainment of the millennium development goals. To achieve this, the department has two vibrant research groups that are engaged in high-quality research. The Bioinformatics research unit is actively involved in bioinformatics research in their quest to combat the menace of Malaria, HIV Aids and other chronic diseases that are prevalent on the African continent. While the Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems unit are committed to research in the key thematic areas of Mobile Computing, E-Health, E-Learning, E-Tourism, E-Governance, and Data mining that would ultimately engender the eradication of poverty, increased wealth creation, increase in literacy level, and reduction of child mortality rate.

Objective of The Unit

Specifically, the objectives of the department are as follows:

  1. To develop manpower with skills and knowledge needed to meet the requirements of a rapidly advancing and challenging field of IT and Management.
  2. To produce graduates with IT skills and prepare them for global competitiveness
  3. To produce managers with the spirit of self-reliance and encourage them to adopt a holistic approach in professional pursuit, and by so doing reduce poverty and increase wealth creation.
  4. To develop human capital with an emphasis on creating a knowledge-based society.
  5. To develop manpower to pursue careers in a wide range of professions including software development, web design, and system administration, project management, and computational sciences, that would foster the attainment of the millennium development goals.

Admission Requirements

General Requirements: The minimum entry requirement for admission into Covenant University is a Credit level pass in five (5) subjects, including English and Mathematics, two (2) of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Geography and any one (1) of Economics, Government, Accounts and Financial Accounting, obtained at not more than two (2) sittings. In addition, Covenant University conducts Screening Exercise for all candidates seeking admission into the University. Candidates are also to note that there are other requirements that may be specific to a College and/or a Programme. College Requirements: In addition to the general requirements above, the five- (5) subjects in the SSCE/GCE/NECO O/L or their equivalent must be obtained at not more than two (2) sittings and must include Mathematics and English Language.

Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

Covenant University is a part of the Liberation Commission that God gave to the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo, (Ph.D.) some years ago. The appropriate forms of inten ... Read More

Covenant University is a part of the Liberation Commission that God gave to the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo, (Ph.D.) some years ago. The appropriate forms of intent to establish a private university was submitted to the National Universities Commission (NUC) in March 2000 and by July 15th 2001, the verification team of the National Universities Commission came for the inspection of facilities and programmes. Read less
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