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Program Description

Obtain a US degree from your country, with a 100% online program and totally in Spanish. No Visa Not TOEFL.


Technological advances present an exciting opportunity for a new type of communication professional who can transmit messages effectively in a globalized society. The Master of Communication seeks to prepare students with the knowledge and skills that are most relevant to a wide variety of professions and organizations. Instead of focusing on particular technological tools, students will become self-directed learners who master the language of technology, thus preparing for the next great innovation and the following. In this way, the Master of Communication positions its graduates with an "added value" for a range of employers inside and outside the field of traditional communication. Graduates of the study program can pursue careers in public relations, business, professional writing, journalism, marketing, health, entertainment, politics, education and many other fields.

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Program objectives

  1. Apply moral reasoning to make ethically sound and socially responsible decisions that are consistent with a convincing personal framework and accepted standards in the field of communication
  2. Use multiple appropriate strategic approaches to make decisions, formulate solutions and solve problems, reflecting creativity and versatility of thinking
  3. Attract diverse audiences effectively through empathic and open-minded treatment of different cultural perspectives and an awareness of oneself and the individual impact on the global and interdependent era
  4. Integrate multiple communication and collaboration technologies into communities of practice to carefully shape shared messages, while generating new meaning
  5. Create, manage and grow an authentic personal brand with a purpose and experience using innovative communication strategies, professional networks and relevant tools and technology
  6. Apply a broad base of contemporary knowledge, self-learning skills and adaptability to remain at the forefront of the field of communication as an empowered agent of change


Main Courses

Total credits: 24

To complete:

  • COM500ES - Communication, media and society (3)
  • COM510ES - Strategic perspective: Knowledge and new media (3)
  • COM530ES - Laws and ethics: The limit line (3)
  • COM540ES - The second self: Identity and personal brands (3)
  • COM600ES - Communication for leadership (3)
  • COM610ES - Beyond words: Communication by design (3)
  • COM620ES - Strategic communication in a new era (3)
  • COM690ES - Communication seminar (3)

Main electives or choose a concentration

Total credits: 12

• 12 COM credits within the range 500 - 799 or the following courses: SNHU690ES - Professional practice (3)

Total credits: 36


New media and marketing (Concentration)


Today's communication professional faces a constantly changing technology industry. The digital environment allows us to reach a global audience with a single tweet or publication. Composing and editing the content of these new media platforms are essential skills for a successful career. Students of this concentration will take their base in the main communication curriculum and gain experience with the latest developments in technology, interpret social catalysts that drive technological change and learn best practices to produce social media campaigns.

Objectives of the concentration

  • Develop new media marketing campaigns that integrate a variety of media tools and resources with edited content to effectively communicate marketing messages to contemporary audiences



  • COM565ES - Communication with media technology (3)
  • COM566ES - From the boom to the platform (3)
  • COM567ES - Digital tools and equipment (3)
  • COM568ES - Design of bells in new media and marketing (3)

Total credits: 12

Admission Requirements

For the Master of Communications degree, the following admission requirements must be met:

  • Not be a resident of the United States (Proof of residency required).
  • Full application form.
  • Bachelor's degree with a minimum average of 2.75 [B-] on the American GPA scale.
  • Proficient in the Spanish language.

A writing that includes a personal statement between 500 and 600 words describing your interest in the graduate program will be required.

Last updated Mar 2020

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