The Master of Business Administration degree is recognized throughout the business world as a major component in a successful career. The TUI University (formerly Touro University International) Master of Business Administration degree concentrates on the application of theory to real situations, with special emphasis on business in a multinational environment. Therefore, it is ideally suited to the contemporary business arena.

You will find that the TUI faculty has a wealth of experience in the business community and are eager to share the special methods and techniques to apply academic tools and concepts to real business situations.

The program is designed to assist candidates to obtain quality graduate-level content expertise in all of the functional areas of business administration.

MBA Program Objectives

The graduate should be able to:

  • Function at the professional middle management level in his/her chosen field of business administration.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication in an advanced business environment.
  • Perform critical analysis of complex business situations and offer and evaluate alternative solutions.
  • Apply business knowledge, concepts, and frameworks to dynamic business situations.
  • Marshal and manage relevant business resources particularly in an uncertain global business environment.
  • Integrate, apply, and synthesize knowledge across the functional areas of business.
  • Demonstrate awareness of and work effectively in a diverse organization within a business environment.
  • Recognize, analyze, and confront ethical and social responsibility issues in business.

The Master of Business Administration program requires 44-semester credits to complete. Students who select their three electives in a particular concentration will have the degree with a designated concentration. Taking two courses per session students may complete this program in six sessions.

TUI University (formerly Touro University International) offers four sessions per year with each session lasting for 12 weeks. All courses receive semester credit hours and all TUI University (formerly Touro University International) courses are four-semester credits.

MBA Concentration:

  • Criminal Justice Administration Concentration
  • Entrepreneurship Concentration
  • Finance Concentration
  • Information Technology Management Concentration
  • International Business Concentration
  • Conflict and Negotiation Management Concentration
  • Public Management Concentration
  • Human Resource Management Concentration
  • General Management Concentration
  • Logistics Concentration
  • Strategic Leadership Concentration

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