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Master of Business Administration

With our Master of Business Administration (MBA) distance learning course, we offer you one of the most innovative and modern German and English language distance learning programs worldwide. The strong international orientation of the degree program opens up opportunities for advancement in the global environment. ipad-neu.png All undergraduates who enroll will also receive an iPad *. So you have your scripts, instructional videos and podcasts always with you. * Action depending on the period, see

Facts about distance learning MBA

  • Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Duration of study: 2/3 semesters full time or 3/4/6 semesters part time
  • Study design: Online study with compulsory presence shares (10 days)
  • Language of instruction: German and English (50% each)
  • CREDITS: 60/90 ECTS
  • EXAMINATIONS: Case studies, Capstone project, 4 classroom exams - available at 36 study centers in D, A and CH or at more than 130 Goethe-Instituts worldwide. Also purely online based possible!
  • TEST PROGRAM: 4 weeks free trial
  • RENEWAL: free for 12/18 months possible
    • For 60 ECTS variant: Completed first degree with min. 210 ECTS (Diploma, Master, Magister) with the minimum grade 'Satisfactory', 2 years of professional experience at the end of the study program, TOEFL or IELTS proof, at least one year of employment at the start of the study.
    • For 90 ECTS Variant: Completed first degree with 180 ECTS (Bachelor) with the minimum grade 'satisfactory', 2 years of professional experience at the end of the study program, TOEFL or IELTS proof, at least one year of employment at study start.
  • ACCREDITATION: FIBAA, ZFU (Approval number 153313, 153413)
  • STUDY START: at any time

International competence

With an extra-occupational master of business administration (MBA) distance learning at IUBH, you will have the tools to operate safely in national and international markets. Due to the global globalization of companies especially business management specialists and executives are sought-after experts who manage global networks, maintain networks and establish contacts for international cooperation and partnerships. The International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef · Bonn has a worldwide network of affiliated partner universities and companies. With this strong network, you benefit from international expertise and an excellent reputation beyond the borders of Germany. Internationality in the MBA program

  • Bilingual Studies: In our MBA distance learning you study in German and English
  • Practice-oriented study content: our modules, eg "Managing in a global Economy" or "Managerial Economics" prepare you ideally for taking on global functions
  • Studying abroad: optionally you can study as a one-week classroom event at one of our international partner universities (in 2015: Peking)
  • Targeted specializations: with our numerous specializations you deepen your expertise in various functional and industry sectors
  • Knowledge transfer at a high level: our lecturers have many years of practical experience in international companies
  • Application-oriented research: IUBH is constantly engaged in exchange and dialogue with global business partners
  • Outstanding career prospects: after graduation, you will be able to open doors to many sectors of companies operating worldwide, such as transport and logistics, telecommunications, hotels and tourism, finance trading and many more

A distance learning course at the IUBH connects. Not only virtually, but also beyond the study. Our strong network of partner universities and companies around the world, our membership in numerous organizations and our alumni associations help you achieve long-term goals and realize your ideas.

Future prospects for prospective managers

Career MBAIn the wake of the ever-increasing globalization of companies, graduates of an MBA distance learning program have ideal job opportunities. Through the international orientation and recognition of the distance learning program, in combination with the promotion of intercultural competence, the deepening of English language skills and the in-depth knowledge of general management, the MBA is the starting point for attractive jobs and entry into the career ladder. The program qualifies for demanding tasks in middle to high management in many industry and specialist areas. Prerequisite for admission to the MBA distance learning course are:

  • A completed, undergraduate degree
    • for the 60 ECTS variant in the form of a degree with min. 210 ECTS (eg diploma, master's or master's degree)
    • for the 90 ECTS variant in the form of a degree with min. 180 ECTS (eg Bachelor's degree)
  • from a state or state-recognized (specialist) university / university.
  • Final grade of at least "satisfactory".
  • At least two years of professional experience until the end of the study program.
  • Proof of proficiency in English: TOEFL ibT (at least 80 points) or IELTS (at least 6 out of 9 points)

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