Master of Arts in Psychology (Online)


Program Description

Prepare to pursue doctoral studies or advance your current career in business, education, research, government, human services, health, and sport psychology with a one-year master's degree in psychology.

The master’s in psychology program provides students an opportunity to explore several sub-fields of psychology while gaining advanced training in each of the core areas of study. Students will take coursework in evolutionary psychology, biological bases of human behavior, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and psychopathology. These courses will help students understand the theoretical and scientific underpinnings of psychology while developing the writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills necessary for a successful career in psychology or doctoral program. 

"Many students have prepared themselves for the next level of achievement in the field. Our one-year master’s degree in psychology supports student achievement and career advancement.  Remarkably talented faculty, present-day academic content, and a flexible schedule drive program excellence.  Join our team and let us mentor your professional journey. "

Richard L. Jacob, Ph.D., Professor, Sport Psychology


Program Format

  • 36 credits
  • One year

Medaille's master's degree in psychology program is right for you if:

You are interested in learning more about the science and practice of psychology, as well as exploring several sub-fields of psychology. You want to gain advanced training in each of the core areas of study (behavioral neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, and social psychology) and develop the analytical tools (research design and statistical methods) necessary for a successful career and/or further study in psychology at the doctoral level.

You are someone who is curious and eager to learn about yourself and others. This is the degree for those who wish to learn more about themselves and how psychology applies to life. In this program, knowledge is the goal and people are its core.

You understand the benefits of psychology — emotional intelligence, leadership skills, management performance, tools for properly communicating with different types of people — and how the program will enhance your skillset.

You need the flexibility of Medaille’s online education option and know you will receive the same student-centered, experiential, practitioner-based learning whether you take classes on campus or online.


Note: Online students are required to successfully complete an online prep course by the end of their first online course.

  • PSY 504 Social Psychology (3)
  • PSY 511 Cognitive Psychology (3)
  • PSY 521 Biological Basis of Behavior (3)
  • PSY 531 Research Methods (3)
  • PSY 602 Counseling (3)
  • PSY 607 Statistics (3)
  • PSY 614 Evolutionary Psychology (3) 
  • PSY 631 Developmental Psychology (3)
  • PSY 598 Special Topics in Psychology (3)
  • PSY 760 Psychopathologies (3)
  • PSY 797 Thesis Guidance* or PSY 777 Internship* (arranged with instructor) (6)

*Student must obtain instructor permission to register for PSY 797 or PSY 777

Optional Concentration in Sport Psychology

The concentration in sport psychology is designed to provide students advanced coursework to pursue sport psychology and coaching as a vocation, focusing on fundamental principles in sport psychology, sport counseling and intervention, psychological factors in rehabilitation and coaching, and performance. This advanced study will also serve professionals in the field of sport performance, coaching, health, fitness, and wellness.

Medaille Fits Your Life

At Medaille College, we understand the challenges of being a working adult with high career aspirations. That’s why Medaille’s Adult & Graduate programs are designed specifically to fit your already busy schedule. With Medaille, you can earn your degree and still have time for work and family. Medaille College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

  • Personalized support.
  • Guaranteed classes.
  • Collaborative learning environment.
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available.
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