Master of Arts in Professional Writing


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Program Description

The New England College Master of Arts (MA) in Professional Writing is an accelerated 12-month online program that provides individualized student-centered instruction focused on new and traditional writing-based media. The 36-credit program combines innovative theoretical, creative and practical foundations to prepare students for challenges in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of professional writing. Students are mentored by highly skilled instructors to apply their knowledge and writing skills to cutting-edge communication challenges. The program’s Capstone process allows students to create a comprehensive professional digital-based portfolio of work that reflects individualized interests and career goals.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MA in Professional Writing program will be able to:

  • Assess the theoretical principles that underlie rhetorical choices and decisions made in professional writing
  • Develop and expand writing skills that are demanded in a variety of professional settings
  • Build an awareness of audience, markets, and current standards of publishing professionalism
  • Develop practical strategies for purposeful, effective communications that fit specific circumstances and client needs
  • Write for publication and distribution in real professional contexts
  • Work within a community of professional writers in an online format
  • Produce a capstone project that develops a grasp of research methodology and critical thinking skills essential to the field.
Last updated June 2018

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