The e-Commerce sector grows unstoppably creating jobs in each and every one of the stages of its value chain. In fact companies like Amazon, faced with the lack of added value services, decide to create their own platforms to ensure the provision of the service.

More and more companies are incorporating electronic commerce in their sales and internationalization strategy, taking the leap by adopting a multi-channel strategy and realizing that in order to do things well, there is a need for profiles capable of managing the entire e-commerce value chain.

With theMaster in e-Commerce with intensification in Digital Marketing (oTurismo Digital) you will be able to know all the knowledge areas necessary to achieve a transversal vision of electronic commerce, sharing with the best professionals all the process that is required from the attraction of the users to the online store, the purchase and the improvement of the ROI until the execution of the order and the shipment to the house of the client.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Master in e-Commerce
  • Implement optimal planning of digital media.
  • Develop and make the most of the online medium to achieve and retain new customers.
  • Achieve maximum optimization of the user experience (UX) and conversion (CRO).
  • Create and manage an e-Commerce or online store autonomously.
  • Discover the best models and business strategies that work.
  • Define and implement the good or service, strategy, pricing and logistics.
  • Apply Marketing and Sales strategies that best suit the online channel.

Who is it for?

The Master in e-Commerce
  • Managers and marketing professionals who want to expand their investment in online media.
  • Entrepreneurs who want their business to take advantage of the full potential of the digital medium.
  • Directors and Managers of SMEs that want to improve their online strategy and thus complement conventional commercial strategies.
  • Professionals who want to specialize and create an e-Commerce.
  • Executives and managers who want to expand their sales channels through electronic commerce.


The structure and subjects of the Master in e-Commerce

Module 1. Introduction to digital marketing

  • Introduction to digital marketing, search engines, PULL and PUSH
  • Marketing strategies of digital, the buyer person and the AIDAS
  • Internet business models and their strategic peculiarities
  • Masterclass: The digital marketing job market
  • Masterclass: Legal aspects and privacy

Module 2. Introduction to electronic commerce

  • Introduction to electronic commerce
  • Technology in ecommerce: Platforms, designs and modules
  • Business models in electronic commerce
  • Masterclass: Success stories
  • Masterclass: Platforms

Module 3. SEO

  • SEO Introduction and strategy (Kw Research Structures)
  • Internal and technical SEO
  • External SEO and linkbuilding
  • Masterclass: SEO for Wordpress (Basic and operative plugins)
  • Masterclass: SEO tools (Moz, hrefs, etc.)

Module 4. Prestashop

  • Riding a Prestashop
  • Prestashop inside
  • Prestashop modules
  • Masterclass: Success stories
  • Masterclass: Other platforms

Module 5. PPC / SEM: The Search Network

  • Introduction to SEM
  • Strategy and structure in search network
  • Types and methods of SEM optimization in search network
  • Masterclass: Adwords interface vs Adwords Editor
  • Masterclass: Investment planning in PPC (Average market metrics)
Module 6. Store management and online shop windows: Price, catalog and purchase UX
  • The pricing and margin in electronic commerce
  • The homepage and catalog of an online store: Categories, Filters, Attributes
  • The product page and the check out as a sales key
  • Masterclass: Success stories
  • Masterclass: Online fraud

Module 7. PPC / SEM: Display, Programming and Remarketing

  • Display advertising PPC / SEM
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Other functions: Remarketing, Video, Shopping, ...
  • Masterclass: Display ad creator
  • Masterclass: Cases of success in display
Module 8. Procurement, logistics and shipping management
  • Procurement in e-commerce and the relationship with suppliers
  • Logistics and stock management in the warehouse
  • Shipping management, delivery methods and after-sales service
  • Masterclass: Success stories
  • Masterclass: Stock management models for e-Commerce

Module 9. Social Media

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Social Media Branding
  • SM Audit and Social Media Plan
  • Masterclass: Social Media Management Tools
  • Masterclass: Success stories in Social Media
Module 10. Business management and expansion in electronic commerce
  • Business plan and viability of electronic commerce
  • Financing and treasury management
  • Internationalization and expansion in electronic commerce
  • Masterclass: Success stories
  • Masterclass: Ways of financing

Module 11. Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound marketing
  • Content Marketing Content plan for Inbound
  • Marketing Advertising. The art of attracting customers
  • Masterclass: Inbound Tools
  • Masterclass: Success stories in Inbound
Module 12. Capture and analytics in electronic commerce
  • SEO and SEM for e-commerce
  • Social Media and Social Commerce
  • Web analytics for e-commerce
  • Masterclass: Capture for e-Commerce
  • Masterclass: Success stories

Module 13. Email marketing and CRM

  • Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing and CRM
  • Acquisition Marketing
  • Masterclass: Email Marketing Tools
  • Masterclass: Success story

Module 14. Loyalty, automation and CRM

  • Loyalty, retention and customer life time value (LTV)
  • 360º CRM Strategies: Email, SMS, Notifications, ...
  • Tools and practical management of CRM
  • Masterclass: Success stories
  • Masterclass: Customer Service for e-Commerce

Module 15. Partnering and affiliation channels

  • Introduction to partnering and affiliation
  • Strategies and types of partnering and affiliation
  • Launching and monitoring partnering
  • Masterclass: Tools and affiliation platforms
  • Masterclass: Success stories of partnering and affiliation

Module 16. Amazon as a success story

  • Past, present and future of Amazon
  • Channels and business models of Amazon
  • Logistics and customer service at Amazon
  • Masterclass: Other cases
  • Masterclass: e-Commerce in other areas

Final Master Project: To finish the Master in Digital Marketing with Specialization in e-Commerce, a Work or Final Master Project must be carried out.

* The syllabus and masterclasses may suffer modifications motivated by the update and improvement thereof.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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