Master in Supply Chain Management


Program Description

Master in Supply Chain Management

Online logistics master that provides the keys to lead the transformation of traditional business models.

The important global transformations that are currently affecting the world cause the increasingly global supply chains to play a key role in the competitiveness of companies, as they are considered an essential element in their differentiation. Supply chains have ceased to be a cost center, to become an engine of competitive advantages for companies, via value-added services, agility in adapting to environmental changes and innovation. Optimal and efficient supply chain management has become an essential tool to maintain and increase the level of competitiveness of companies in their markets.

The Master in Supply Chain Management

To speak today of logistics and supply chain necessarily implies talking about global organizations, so we pay special attention to the way of managing change and adaptation to technological advances and to the possibilities and needs of relationship and operation in an international context. wider. This master's degree will provide participants with competences to lead the transformation of traditional business models, generating new markets, understanding their new requirements, managing information in real time and promoting collaborations and alliances for the adoption of solutions that promote the growth of the company.

The Master in Supply Chain Management

The cost of certification is NOT included in the price of the master.

Differential values

  1. Double degree OBS and Universitat de Barcelona.
  2. Updated program according to market needs and covering all areas of knowledge of supply chain management.
  3. Very practical approach through analysis of case studies, workshops and interactive sessions in real time with teachers (webinars).
  4. Use of the most powerful simulation software to help in the decision making of supply chain management: The Fresh Connection
  5. International faculty staff with more than 20 years of experience in the management and management of the supply chain.
  6. Teaching resources with excellent content and fully updated.
  7. Program that includes management competence development of the Supply Chain Manager.

Professional outings

  • Director or responsible for: Procurement and Procurement, Demand Planning, Production, Transportation and Storage
  • After Sales Service
  • Logistics Director distribution
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Consultant or advisor in any supply chain management process


  • Offer an integral vision on the management of the business processes that make up the Supply Chain.
  • Direct the area of operations and logistics or any department linked to it from a vision of the current positioning of logistics in relation to the latest developments in distribution networks, consumers, and suppliers, as well as new ways of managing our relations of network and channel.
  • Develop Management Skills and know the most useful management techniques. Turning people into 'managers' experts in the management of the Supply Chain.
  • Master decision-making tools for the correct optimization of logistics flows.
  • Optimize the management of the area from the appropriate application of Information Technology, allowing an efficient response to current needs in the field of Supply Chain and the generation of value-added services.
  • Know the challenges of the global management of the Supply Chain and the most important international markets.
  • Be aware of the importance of carrying out a sustainable supply chain management with the environment.
  • Know how to manage the Supply Chain in an ethical and socially responsible manner.


The curriculum consists of a series of subjects that cover all the processes and areas of knowledge needed to manage the Supply Chain. The last subject corresponds to a final master's project that serves as a practical test to consolidate all the learning acquired during the course.

Block I. Leading the strategy, trends and best practices in supply chain management.

  • Leading the strategy and decision making in the Supply Chain
  • Trends and practical improvements in the management of the CdS: Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Workshop: Sector strategies in the management of the CdS
  • Workshop: Operations Management Game. Simulation Tool

Block II Supply Chain Planning and Design

  • Planning and managing demand effectively

Block III Supply chain management.

  • The new challenges in the management of Purchasing, Sourcing and Procurement
  • Advanced techniques and systems of production and quality management
  • Achieving excellence in distribution: storage, handling, transportation and reverse logistics
  • Global Supply Chain Management: Logistics and International Markets
  • Workshop: Risk management and legal aspects in the CdS
  • Block IV Application of support areas in the control and optimization of the CdS.
  • Management Skills Development of the 'Supply Chain Manager'
  • The impact of Technology on the optimization of the CdS: management applications, e-logistics strategy and macro technological trends
  • Finance for 'Supply Chain Managers'

Block V. Master final work

Master's Requirements

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

These are the stages of the admission process:

  1. Prerequisites for admission
  2. Admission request
  3. Personal interview
  4. Motivation letter
  5. Admissions Committee Evaluation
  6. Registration
Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management

People who pass the evaluation of the program and meet the academic requirements established by the UB, will obtain their own degree from the UB (University of Barcelona).

In order to obtain the UB's own degree it is necessary to have a University Degree Degree (Engineering, Bachelor's Degree or Diploma). In case of not having a University Degree, once the different evaluations have been passed, a university extension diploma from the UB will be obtained.

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