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Program Description


With the "Master in Scouting and VideoAnalysis (Universidad Isabel I)" we will learn to analyze both at the collective level in the 4 moments of the game and in the ABP (actions on set pieces) of the rival team, as well as our own team. On the other hand analyze individual, sectoral, intersectoral and full structure situations that our team adopts as the rival. Also learn to perform individual analyzes for recruitment.

Then there is the issue of VideoAnalysis, that once the section of cuts of the videos is done, we can join or extract what we need and see the part that we want to do a deeper investigation.

This material is essential for first level teams that require this system to evaluate their rivals and see what type of game or system they use.

The game mode that opponents have, especially the great teams that compete internationally, must be studied to deal with them.


Name of Title: This degree has the same validity outside of Spain, since it is a curricular title of studies, and covered by the Organic Law of Universities. There is no need for a specific accreditation or accreditation, since universities have the capacity to issue their own degrees, as stated in article 2. g) of the Organic Law of Universities 6/2001.

  • Center where it is taught: Online mode (FutbolLab platform).
  • Knowledge Branch: Sports Science Area.
  • Modality: Online.
  • Language: Spanish / English
  • Credits: This degree will have a total of 60 ECTS credits.
  • Hours: The course has 1,400 teaching hours, of which 60% are specific to the syllabus with the help of supplementary material, in formats of animated presentations, demonstration videos, articles and contributions from experts, the rest of the hours correspond to the follow-up of the course, always based on real cases that will be correcting and tutoring those responsible for the course.
  • Duration: It has a duration of 12 months from the beginning, with continuous evaluations to validate the learning and improvement of the contents throughout the course.
  • Calendar: The calendar is open at all times to the student, since the student can customize their evolution and follow-up of the course in coordination with the tutors, programming a timing from the beginning of the registration. The delivery of the activities and final project of the program, would be corrected by the professors of the course. The overcoming of these will give with the activation of the following subjects, of this form, the students will have surpassed the terminal objectives of each area to attend the following one.


The program is divided into 9 training units that have an average duration of 6 ECTS credits, including the activities of that unit.

The teaching methodology is given by the course's own syllabuses, accompanied by demonstration videos by professors and experts, as well as with visual presentations, articles of interest and interviews with experts. All this material gives the student optimal possibilities to achieve a deep and attractive learning that together with the continuous evaluation of activities by the teachers and the continuous monitoring tutorials make the methodology attractive and above all efficient for our students.

The Master will consist of a final project of 6 ECTS credits based on real and practical cases that will complement your training in an advanced manner.

The agenda of this program is:

Topic 1: Introduction to Scouting

  • 1.1 What is scouting?
  • 1.2 The beginnings of scouting
  • 1.3 Justification of scouting
  • 1.4 The evolution of scouting

Topic 2: Types of Scouting

  • 2.1 About our team
  • 2.2 About adversary teams
  • 2.3 About players
  • 2.4 About workouts

Topic 3: Scouting process

  • 3.1 Documentation phase
    • 3.1.1 Information to be collected
  • 3.2 Recording
  • 3.2.1 Aspects to be taken into account
  • 3.3 Analysis
  • 3.3.1 Conditional aspects of the game
  • Offensive phase
  • Defensive phase
  • The transitions
  • Stop-action actions
  • 3.3.2 Other conditioning aspects
  • 3.4 Conclusions / Relevant collection of the entire process

Topic 4: Preparation of the report

  • 4.1 Written document
  • 4.2 Visual document
  • 4.3 Audiovisual document

Topic 5: Softwares: some examples

  • 5.1 Longomatch
  • 5.2 Imovie
  • 5.3 More sophisticated software

Topic 6: Examples in other Operating Systems

Topic 7: The figure of the scouter within the technical secrteria (5 ECTS credits)

  • 7.1 Contribution of works and reports.
  • 7.2 Validation of data of technical secretaries.
  • 7.3 The importance of good communication between the technical secretary and the technical staff.

Topic 8: Final project of the study (11 ECTS credits).


This master's degree can be completed by:

  • Graduates / Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.
  • Qualified trainers
  • Technicians with experience in soccer.

The accreditation of these requirements will be validated at the time of enrollment by the admissions department of FUTBOLLAB.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Nuestro proyecto nace hace 10 años como iniciativa deportiva y emprendedora, de la mano de un grupo de apasionados al fútbol, licenciados a nivel nacional e internacional en distintos ámbitos deportiv ... Read More

Nuestro proyecto nace hace 10 años como iniciativa deportiva y emprendedora, de la mano de un grupo de apasionados al fútbol, licenciados a nivel nacional e internacional en distintos ámbitos deportivos. Se crea con la finalidad de maximizar la preparación de todos los integrantes del fútbol: Entrenadores, Jugadores y Clubes, tanto profesionales como semiprofesionales. Read less