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Program Description

The field of renewable energies is advancing at an amazing speed, being today, the first option in generating energy worldwide. We live an ideal situation to study a master in renewable energies (EERR). Last year, investment in renewable energies worldwide exceeded investment in traditional energies for the second consecutive year.

The current energy framework implies the need for specialized professionals, technicians trained with knowledge in the energy environment. Experts who master the situation of energy sources and types of renewable energy (wind, solar, photovoltaic, thermal, mini-hydro, biomass ...), financing lines, energy efficiency, and everything related to the world of The renewable energies.

The master in renewable energies of IMF , seeks to train professionals with the skills, knowledge and techniques to develop and implement renewable energy in different areas: administration, business or energy industry.

Companies looking for technicians increasingly need to put a business projects in the area of the ERS. For this reason, the training program of the master in renewable energies IMF is designed to deepen its use, the different uses, the technical viability of the projects and the environmental impact of these. When studying renewable energies the students will get a specialization in the area and an approach to the design, development, assembly and maintenance of the generating facilities.

Society and companies are increasingly aware of the need to look for alternatives from renewable sources, whether due to corporate social responsibility or response to public opinion. For this reason, a wide range of business and professional possibilities are opened around the world of green energies.

Start at the moment and become a renewable energy technician with the IMF postgraduate program. Request information about the master in renewable energies online, an academic advisor will contact you to solve your doubts, talk about price, scholarships or any questions you have about what are renewable energies or possible professional opportunities in companies and institutions.


This master in renewable energies enables you to:

  • Design, develop and determine the feasibility of renewable energy projects.
  • Master Spanish legislation, rules and regulations on renewable energy.
  • Obtain financing lines and other existing aids.
  • Master the main types of renewable energies, their applications and possible environmental impacts: wind energy, hydraulic installations, biomass energy, solar thermal energy, photovoltaic energy.
  • Know other forms of renewable energy such as Geothermal, Hydrogen, Tidal and Fuel Cells.
  • Develop a business plan in the field of renewable energy, supported by the operation of the economy, sales and negotiation techniques and the parts that constitute it.

OBJECTIVES OF THE Online Master in Renewable Energies (EERR)

To know in depth the current environment of renewable energies and acquire the skills, knowledge and techniques for its development and implementation in various areas, from the Administration, the Enterprise and the Industry.

You will also learn to:

  • Give an overview of the main Spanish legislation on renewable energy.
  • Describe and analyze other forms of renewable energy (Geothermal, Tidal, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells)
  • Know the different types of biomass that exist and their characteristics.
  • Know the basic characteristics of solar thermal energy and its main applications.
  • Know the potential of the photovoltaic sector, with its strengths and dependencies.
  • Know the functioning of the market economy, the determining factors for economic development, the characteristics of an entrepreneur and how to enhance them, the sales and negotiation techniques, the Business Plan and the parts that constitute it.
  • Be clear about the methodology followed in the evaluation of any type of project.

Methodology and Evaluation


IMF Business School bets for the master's degree in renewable energies by a compatible methodology whatever the student's situation. An Online or Accessible methodology anywhere.

  • Online methodology: online training, which favors higher specialization through the virtual campus, where you can find the complete syllabus.
  • Distance methodology: You will have the training syllabus of the course in book format.

More than 80,000 students are the best endorsement of our methodology and its 5 pillars:

  • Online classes: Live and delayed. Access online classes at times compatible with your personal or professional life through our e-learning platform. You will be able to interact with teachers and classmates as if it were a business school in person. All virtual classes are recorded and uploaded to the virtual campus so that they can be viewed as many times as needed.
  • Virtual Campus: Multi-device access platform with which you can access the syllabus and download all the material. In addition you will be able to carry out practical cases and self-assessment exercises, share knowledge and debate in forums and chats or directly access your personal tutor.
  • Follow-up Tutorial: As an IMF student, you will have access to an assigned personal tutor who will accompany you throughout the academic year. You can establish e-face tutorials, solve doubts by phone, forums or chats whenever you need it. In-person tutorials also available.
  • Virtual Library: The IMF student community has free access to the virtual library, with more than 9,000 bibliographic records from the business world.
  • Networking and Events: Every month there are events, master classes and round tables with which students can expand their network of contacts with other students of the master's degree in renewable energies, at the same time that the current situation of the sector is known.


The completion of the Master in EERR is linked to the passing of the continuous assessment throughout the course. The student must pass in each module a combination of online exam and practical exercises, in order to free material.

Obtaining the titles of IMF and University of Nebrija, requires the completion of each module.

Professional outings

At the end of our Master's you will be prepared to practice as:

  • Designer of photovoltaic and wind solar installations.
  • Operation and maintenance management technician in photovoltaic and wind solar installations.
  • Responsible for assemblies in photovoltaic electric substations and wind farms.
  • Specialist in maintenance of photovoltaic solar installations and wind farms.
  • Responsible for the assembly of wind turbines.

Price and Scholarships

At IMF we offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Scholarship up to 70%
  • Financing up to 12 months without interest or banking intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment method: Cash (5% discount) / Interest-free installment payment
Last updated Mar 2020

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