Master in Project Management


Program Description

The Master in Project Management seeks to develop managerial skills in project planning, management, strategy and innovation. Currently, private and public institutions have accepted the importance of carrying out projects in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them, to achieve competitive advantages in their environment, managing to solve problems or satisfy the needs in their operation.

Project management is the application of knowledge, tools, skills and techniques, to achieve the requirements, the different needs and expectations that stakeholders –Stakeholders- have about the project; This involves the balance between competent demands that are presented in the scope, quality, program, budget, resources and risk of the project, in accordance with the provisions of the Project Management Institute (PMI®)

To develop successful projects, the project manager must not only distinguish the characteristics and areas of knowledge of the discipline of each project, but also master the tools and techniques that must be used during the stages of each one of them. To do this, the Master's Degree presents a learning and specialization program in the best management practices and in the development of the necessary skills and attitudes that facilitate the planning and execution of projects.


Virtual in real time.


Once a month.

Friday 16:00 / 20:00, Saturday 08:00 - 17:00.

Professional Field

This program is focused on strengthening skills and knowledge in those attending it so that they can perform in:

  • Cross-cutting strategic areas of any company and / or undertaking
  • Consulting and business advice.
  • Creation of new companies.
  • Formulation of projects of any kind and their guidelines
  • Construction professionals
  • Administrators and marketers
  • Directors / Project Managers
  • Heads / Project Coordinators
  • Project assistants
  • Project advisers
  • Investors

Admission profile

  1. Professional graduated and graduated at the undergraduate level from any university career recognized by CEPS in Guatemala or recognized University in his country of origin if he were a foreigner.
  2. Possessing qualities and attitudes towards respect, appreciation and ethical commitment.
  3. Possess positive mentality to be able to face and solve problems.
  4. Desire to improve the ability to make decisions after an in-depth analysis.
  5. Have verifiable business experience of at least 4 years in middle or senior management positions in companies or enterprises.
  6. Comply with the registration requirements established at Universidad Panamericana.

Egress Profile

The student of the Master in Project Management must show in the different learning scenarios and activities that:

  1. Graduated at grade level.
  2. It complies with all its virtual activities, whether they are synchronous or asynchronous.
  3. Put into practice the concepts learned in class through assessments and work proposed by the teacher.
  4. Dedicates at least 12 hours a week to reading, analyzing and discussing documents and preparing work individually and in groups, both in person and online.
  5. It makes use of technology as a means to develop their work and student activities.
  6. He is interested in learning and participating actively in class.
  7. Apply research techniques and strategies to learn.
  8. He is punctual and responsible in the delivery of works, laboratories, investigations, etc.
  9. Evidence of appropriate behavior attitudes for harmonious, respectful and productive work.
  10. He has the attitude of interacting with his colleagues and joining a joint effort to investigate and learn as a team.
  11. He is disciplined and responsible in the proper use of time.

Study pensum

  • Module 1 - Project Fundamentals
  • Module 2 - Inventory Management
  • Module 3 - Leadership and Management Skills
  • Module 4 - Tools for routes and times
  • Module 5 - Scope in projects and stakeholder management
  • Module 6 - Program and activity management
  • Module 7 - Costs in projector management
  • Module 8 - Human Resource Management
  • Module 9 - Quality system in projects
  • Module 10 - Risk management in projects
  • Module 11 - Purchasing and Procurement Processes
  • Module 12 - Professional Ethics
  • Module 13 - Information systems for project management
  • Module 14 - Project Audit and Control
  • Module 15 - Communication in projects
  • Module 16 - Agile Methodologies
  • Module 17 - Project closure
  • Module 18 - Graduate Project

Egress System

Students will graduate through the development of a final degree project that will be developed at the end of the FitnessGym simulator as an entrepreneurial project. The activities to be carried out in the project are:

  • Project scope management
  • Project time management
  • Project cost management
  • Project quality management
  • Project Human Resources Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

Administrative Discharge Processes

Students who have closed their pensum and approved their final project as described above in the Master in Project Management, must develop the following steps in the administrative graduation process:

a) Be enrolled in the Universidad Panamericana as a regular student.
b) Request their cash solvency, stating that they have no debts with the University.
c) Request library solvency.
d) Request solvency in Academic Control.
e) With the respective solvencies, request the respective opinions from the secretariat of the faculty.
f) Present to the Secretary of the Vice-rectory the printed version of the result of their final work, including the opinions for a final review of the form on the main pages of the document that will be sent to print.
g) When the graduation work is printed, three printed copies and a digital version will be delivered to the central library and one will be kept on file in the dean.
h) The Dean will set the date and the graduation protocol.

Last updated Aug 2020

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