Master in Packaging Design and Visual Identity


Program Description


Gone is the time when brands served only to indicate the functional characteristics of products. Is history. Brands convey the values of our own image, not just yours.


Branding helps us transmit our own values. We make our inclinations public through brands and that helps us describe ourselves to the people with whom we interact. Brands help us project our own image and we use their products for it. Therefore the market, which determines which brands are valuable; listening to the consumer is vital for the survival of brands.

After studying the market and defining what functional characteristics and what emotional benefits they contain, brands must give up. Give up to generate a unique value proposition that defines them and connects with your audience.

And the first points of contact to transmit this value proposition are, without a doubt, Identity Design and Packaging Design.

From this reflection comes the Master in Branding and Packaging . From the need to explain a guided methodology that teaches how to develop the most important applications for brands that want to succeed within this society and this changing market .

Communication has changed radically in recent years and with it the methodologies and modes of expression of brands. In this master you will learn how a brand is perceived by consumers in applications as relevant to a company as its own identity and packaging . Applications that must impact in seconds , stand out from their competitors and communicate to their consumers.

We will learn to work from a strategic base , transforming the value proposition into a creative concept on which to build identity. We will design identity from its most primary elements such as typography or color. We will continue to the most relevant and exciting elements such as the logo, the visual system or all the applications where it materializes.

We will analyze and learn to create a product identity that is unique, to generate value through packaging and to use packaging as a communication tool . We will work the pack learning to design from the structure and volume, to the graphics applied to the container. In the process of designing a sincere package that clearly defines the advantages of the product, we will talk about production , materials , sustainability , simplicity , transport and customization .

Finally we will generate a global project, in which we will apply all the knowledge acquired, with the aim of preparing professionals for this new and exciting environment.


  • Assimilate the determining factors of a design process within a real and professional context .
  • Assimilate the theoretical and practical knowledge of a global identity and packaging project from conceptualization to production .
  • Understand graphic design as a tool to transmit strategic values and to provide answers to market and social problems .
  • Learn each of the methodologies necessary for the creation of a good identity and packaging project . Practice from analysis, design and production to generate a complete project from a strategic point of view .
  • Assimilate knowledge of materials, production systems, packaging systems, printing and quality systems .
  • Master the presentation of an identity and / or packaging project in a professional way .

This Master is aimed at people who meet the following profile:

  • Top Graduates in Design
  • Graduates in Communication and Advertising
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Graduates in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Graduates in Audiovisual Communication

In those cases where the student accredits higher studies prior to a process of accreditation of the University degree, the Academic Committee will evaluate the candidate's CV and portfolio as well as the study plan completed, which must maintain reasonable equivalence with the current undergraduate studies. the same area.


People who pass the program evaluation will obtain the double degree : ESDESIGN - Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona Own Title ESDESIGN - Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona and Own Title from the International University of Valencia, which will accredit them as professionals in the specialty studied.

Professional outings

  • Graphic Design Studies
  • Communication Agencies
  • Branding and Packaging Agencies.
  • Companies that manage brands and products
Last updated Mar 2020

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