Master in Neuromarketing


Program Description

Master in Neuromarketing

Online master in neuromarketing and consumer behavior.

The field of market research is having accelerated growth at this beginning of the century. The MNM of OBS Business School is designed to meet the needs of companies to have professionals in the techniques of recovery and analysis of market information, which allow them to make the most appropriate strategic and operational decisions.

Currently, it is no longer necessary to emphasize the importance of monitoring the marketing environment to keep updated, both our products and services, and our marketing practices. But how can we know about the changing tastes of users and consumers, the actions of our competitors and our customers' perception of our products? The answer is simple: we must properly capture, analyze and interpret the information that comes from the market. Neuromarketing was born to get where conventional market research could not reach: the unconscious mind.

Neurosciences applied to marketing, what we know as neuromarketing, has managed to give clues and guidelines to minimize uncertainty in traditional market research methods, with new analysis and research techniques, observing stimuli and the generation of attention and emotion that can translate into actions.

The advances in neuroscience and technologies offer a favorable scenario for 21st century marketing to make a leap in order to provide differential value to the commercial proposals made by companies to their clients, aimed at covering their real needs and, on everything, to generate an emotional bond with

For any company, knowing and satisfying the needs and desires of users and consumers is part of its mission. This implies having a deep knowledge about the behavior, motivations, to what type of influences are subject, preferences and perceptions of the consumer. That is, we must understand how the biological, psychological, social and cultural characteristics of consumers influence their decision making and purchasing behavior.

This deep knowledge of our customers, current and potential, as well as the sector and competitors, is what will allow us to identify those market segments that we can serve more effectively.

The MNM has a curriculum that combines fundamental knowledge about neuroscience applied to marketing, methods and techniques of market research and consumer behavior, research and application methodologies in neuromarketing, sensory and experiential marketing, applications of neuromarketing in branding, the digital and social media experience and neuroscience applied to management.

The MNM leads to high employability in leading companies in the sector and large corporations with their own departments dedicated to the research and application of neuromarketing. With the tutoring and experience of a cloister, composed mainly of active professionals and managers, students will be prepared to successfully face the highly competitive international work environment.

Professional outings

  • Market analyst in market research companies
  • Project Manager, Account Executive
  • Brand management in SMEs and large corporations
  • Marketing management in communication and advertising companies
  • Neuromarketing project manager
  • Account planning in advertising agencies
  • Head of Neuromarketing Laboratory
  • Packaging Design Manager


  • Prepare students to occupy management positions and favor their professional development in the field of customer-consumer analysis.
  • Develop the ability to execute and manage fundamental research methodologies and neuromarketing techniques.
  • Analyze consumer behavior in order to increase the chances of success of business strategies, both in the physical environment and in the digital environment.
  • Having the ability to develop high impact and high effectiveness brands based on neurological analysis of consumers.
  • Design the strategic context in which to articulate the presence of neuromarketing strategies.
  • Analyze behavior patterns and consumption habits.
  • Know the multidisciplinary role of marketing as a social science and its relationship with neuroscience to support its actions with a clear orientation to the client as an individual.
  • Identify the response mechanisms of people and their unconscious base.
  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the brain, as well as analysis techniques to establish objective working hypotheses when working with neuroscientists.
  • To be able to develop marketing strategies aimed at stimulating emotional or rational responses in clients that imply higher levels of loyalty.
  • Acquire knowledge that involves actions within the deontological principles that support them.
  • Know the application of neuroscience to management and the management and direction of projects and teams.


  • Module 1. Fundamentals of Neuroscience applied to marketing
  • Module 2. Sensory and experiential marketing
  • Module 3. Psychology and consumer behavior
  • Module 4. From market research to behavioral prediction
  • Module 5. Research methods and techniques in Neuromarketing
  • Module 6. Branding and neuromarketing
  • Module 7. Neuromarketing applied to the digital experience
  • Module 8. Social Media Intelligence and web analytics
  • Module 9. Neuromarketing Applications
  • Module 10. Neuroscience applied to management
  • Master thesis (TFM)

Master Requirements

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

These are the stages of the admission process:

  1. Prerequisites for admission
  2. Admission request
  3. Personal interview
  4. Motivation letter
  5. Admissions Committee Evaluation
  6. Registration
Master's Degree in Neuromarketing

People who pass the evaluation of the program and meet the academic requirements established by the UB, will obtain their own degree from the UB (University of Barcelona).

In order to obtain the UB's own degree it is necessary to have a University Degree Degree (Engineering, Bachelor's Degree or Diploma). In case of not having a University Degree, once the different evaluations have been passed, a university extension diploma from the UB will be obtained.

Last updated Mar 2020

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