Master in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


Program Description

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world imagined a scenario of peace, having ended the Cold War and the East-West confrontation, which characterized the international relations of the 20th century; However, the disappearance of this "wall of contention" gave rise to a series of conflicts that remained latent and that began to manifest with great virulence, and many others that have emerged already into the 21st century.

This Master in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution offered by the Seneca Institute, constitutes a high specialization in two key areas for the management of crisis or conflict situations, such as the different types and forms of negotiation, taking into account the actors involved and the differences or coincidences that they present, as well as the type of event that is intended to attend, its origin, its implications, its impact, and the aspects derived from it.


This Master in Negotiation and Resolution of Conflicts, of 600 hours and 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), is a Title of the Catholic University of Murcia - UCAM, under the Agreement signed between the Seneca Institute and the UCAM.


This Master is offered exclusively in the "on-line" version.

Who is it for?

This Master in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution is aimed at: a

  • Politicians with or without government positions
  • Military personnel in peacekeeping missions
  • Officials of international organizations
  • Diplomats with negotiating responsibilities
  • Staff of NGO's and volunteers in field work
  • Graduates in Journalism, Law, CC Policies, Social Sciences, Psychology, etc.


  • Know the different conflict categories and learn to identify local and international actors directly or indirectly related to a conflict.
  • Differentiate the different types of media that can be used in the resolution of conflicts, and their potential according to each case.
  • Facilitate models of peace processes and understand the potential of a negotiating or mediating process, as the case may be.
  • Develop a negotiating profile and skills for the formulation of early warning strategies for conflict prevention.

Labor departures

  • International consulting
  • OO.II and NGOs
  • Observatories of reality such as Crisis Group, among others
  • Task Force
  • Negotiating missions


The program of this Master in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution is structured in four Parts, each of them comprising a series of Modules.

  • Part I - Conflicts

Theories and approaches on conflict. Dynamics and intensity of the conflict: displaced and refugees. The national conflicts. The failed States. Notion of international armed conflict. Security in conflict zones. Others.

  • Part II - Conflict Resolution

Theory of the resolution of international conflicts. The role of the actors involved. The OO.II. and conflicts. Diplomatic or political means. Legal means. Violent or coercive means. The "road maps" and negotiation. Models of peace processes. Others.

  • Part III - International Mediation

Fundamentals of mediation. The mediation process. Mediation models. Mediator skills. Ethics in mediation. Others.

  • Part IV - The International Negotiation

The structure of the negotiation. The role of the negotiator. The process of decision making. Negotiation styles. The multicultural negotiation. Others.

  • Part V - Post Conflict Prevention and Rehabilitation

Irenology, Polemology and the costs of a conflict. Crisis management and conflict transformation. Techniques and tactics in conflict prevention. Others.

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Duration and price

Calls: two per year (May and October)

Duration: 12 months (one year)

Price: € 2,250 (subsidized by the Seneca Foundation)

Payment facilities

Last updated Nov 2020

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