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Program Description

Obtain a US degree from your country, with a 100% online program and totally in Spanish. No Visa Not TOEFL.


The curriculum of the Master in Marketing includes a program of deep marketing studies, while providing a wide range of elective courses that facilitate and support the success of students in their workplace. The basic marketing requirements provide a general marketing context, while the elective courses provide a more detailed study of specific areas within the marketing discipline. In addition, through the study of other disciplines, such as international business and information technologies, it is possible to research and apply the theory and perspective of marketing in specific areas of interest.

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Program objectives

  1. Analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data to align marketing plans with the strategic objectives of an organization
  2. Create integrated and aligned strategies to maximize internal and external opportunities through the use of marketing theory and practices
  3. Distill information through various means to inform, negotiate, and persuade internal and external stakeholders
  4. Develop international marketing strategies that address commercial, political, legal and cultural environments in a global economy
  5. Ensure that marketing practices comply with internal and external legal environments, regulatory standards and ethical practices
  6. Manage a brand in multifunctional internal and external environments to ensure the creation, capture and delivery of value


Basic courses

Total credits: 0


  • OL501ES - Business Fundamentals (3)

Main Courses

Total credits: 24


  • INT640ES - International Market Strategy (3)
  • MKT500ES - Marketing Strategies (3)
  • MKT605ES - Comprehensive marketing communication (3)
  • MKT618ES - Market Analytics (3)
  • MKT620ES - Marketing and consumer behavior (3)
  • MKT625ES - Strategic Internet Marketing (3)
  • MKT675ES - Legal and ethical problems in marketing (3)
  • MKT700ES - Marketing seminar (3)

Main electives or choose a concentration

Total credits: 12

12 MKT credits in the range of 500 - 799 or the following courses:

  • QSO510ES - Quantitative analysis for decision making (3)
  • QSO600ES - Operations Management (3)
  • QSO630ES - Supply Chain Management (3)
  • QSO640ES - Project Management (3)
  • MGT550ES - Administration through communication (3)

Total credits: 36


Digital Marketing (Concentration)


The concentration in Digital Marketing covers the three main areas of digital marketing media, paid, owned and earned, with a focus on the effective use of the activity and data from digital and social media to generate valuable management information and about which can take actions for better decision making. Students examine key social media marketing strategies, such as branding and narrative, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, gamification and multichannel integration.

Objectives of the concentration

  • Use the activity and digital data and social networks effectively to generate valuable and useful management information for decision making


• To complete:

  • MKT555ES - Marketing for social networks (3)
  • MKT635ES - Websites and Search Optimization / Search Engine Optimization (3)
  • MKT645ES - Online marketing channels (3)
  • MKT665ES - Digital Narrative and Brand Creation (3)

Total credits: 12

New Media and Communication (Concentration)


The concentration in New Media and Communication prepares students to become critical consumers of emerging media tools and resources, as well as to take advantage of rapidly evolving media technologies. Students will examine how new media campaigns include the integration of skills, strategies and tactics to create a cohesive and dynamic whole.

Objectives of the concentration

  • Develop innovative digital media production strategies that take advantage of new and emerging communication technologies and support a market brand



  • COM500ES - Communication, media and society (3)
  • COM540ES - The second self: Identity and personal brands (3)
  • COM565ES - Communication with media technology (3)
  • COM568ES - Design of bells in new media and marketing (3)

Total credits: 12

Admission Requirements

For the degrees in MBA, Master in Marketing, Master in Finance, Master in Project Management and Operations, the following admission requirements must be met:

  • Not be a resident of the United States (Proof of residency required).
  • Full application form.
  • Bachelor's degree with a minimum average of 2.75 [B-] on the American GPA scale.
  • Proficient in the Spanish language.
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