Master in Marketing

University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP)

Program Description
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Master in Marketing

University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP)

Master of Marketing

The program's objective is the holistic and systemic study of marketing as the discipline that drives and coordinates the efforts and abilities of an organization to relate itself with its markets and its environment. The student will learn about tools and techniques to identify the wishes of the consumer and be able to analyze and construct scenarios with particular market situations.

This program pretends to harmonize the main schools of thought of marketing, based on three principles:

  • It studies the duality of the target market /offer of the enterprise as the way to propose and make just exchanges that allow long-term relationships.
  • It analyzes the involved actors that have an impact and participate in the exchanges: enterprise, clients, employees, and society.
  • It includes two fundamental approaches to marketing: The qualitative/creative approach that refers to innovation and communication, and the qualitative/statistical approach that centers on the market analysis and research.

This master program is designed to allow the students to apply theoretical and new knowledge in real contexts, emphasizing on the topics that are beginning to have an impact on the performance of organizations. Among the topics that define the main lines of study in this program are: E-Marketing, Knowledge Marketing, Retail Marketing, Social Marketing and Corporate Responsibility.

Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor degree, preferably related to the area of study.
  • Good skills in reading and written expression.
  • Logical and mathematical reasoning.
  • Good disposition towards collaborative work over the internet.
  • Able to use Information Technologies and computers.
  • Positive attitude towards self-regulated learning and self-training.
  • English proficiency equivalent to 450 points in TOEFL.
  • Experience in business administration is desirable.
  • Basic knowledge of descriptive and inferential statistics.

Graduate Profile

  • Capable of identifying directions for action to design an adequate marketing strategy.
  • Knowledge about the main information analysis techniques and their application.
  • Ability to identify the main schools of thought in the area of marketing.


Each On-Line Master Program consists of a total of 80 credits (20 courses, of 4 credits each). They are designed to be taken in 2 years, by taking 2 courses per period (5 periods per year), thus making a total of 10 courses per year.

The cost of one credit is currently $1,420.00 pesos, each course then costs $5,680.00 pesos.


One credit $1,600
One course (4 credits) $6,400
Admission Fee $7,210
Graduation Fee $9,000 Paid once the student is a candidate for graduation
SEP Fee $145 To be paid once each year

Note: All costs are in MX pesos.

Last updated November 29, 2017
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Start date
July 2018
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Mexico - Puebla
Start date: July 2018
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July 2018
Mexico - Puebla
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