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More expansion, greater competitiveness

Tourism is one of the sectors that has changed the most in the world in recent decades. In countries such as Spain, it is clearly the most dynamic sector with the most growth in general, driven by the professionalization of functions and the incorporation of specific technologies. This radical change is not only given from within the sector but also from outside, subject to the push that the internet represents and changes in consumer habits. Unlike what happened a few years ago - when customers went to travel agencies - the client is currently an active part in the process of searching, planning and booking their trips and services through the Internet, without any need to resort to intermediaries. The volatility of prices caused by the immediacy of the new online agencies, the overwhelming offer of hotel beds, low-cost flights has generated a generalized increase in global tourism and, consequently, have made the competitiveness of the entire sector grow.

Moment and opportunity

Far from being a threat, this new scenario poses a great opportunity for companies in the sector since it is time to expand their offer and cover all these new needs raised by the customer. Clearly, the mastery of new online tools is a decisive factor in the management and optimization of virtually all companies related to tourism, from online services to the management of hotel establishments. Thus, the high competitiveness of this new paradigm requires new professional profiles, with the necessary skills to occupy key positions within the current industry, such as the Director of e-commerce and Director of Revenue Management.

The challenge of digital transformation

The tourism sector is not the only sector that has been affected in such a remarkable way by the digital change of the last decades and the irruption of Internet in practically all aspects of life, but clearly the tourism sector is one of those that more you have noticed. As we mentioned before, now it is the client who, a priori, plans and creates his own vacation packages without having to interact with a vendor. This, however, is only partly true: customers do not interact with us at the time of the transaction, but they do interact with our website, which we could define as a standard dialogue that we create and leave online while waiting for an interlocutor Our web pages speak for us. And they must take the client's hand and lead him on all the satisfactory paths so that he can manage his trips and stays on his own and leave there with a purchased trip and believing that he has made all the decisions. For this process to be carried out, simultaneously and successfully, thousands of times per minute a team of well-oiled professionals is needed, led by a person who can guide these strategies thanks to their experience and knowledge of the sector.

The role of e-commerce and revenue management directors

At this point, the role of both the director of e-commerce - responsible for the company's online business strategy - and the director of revenue management - as responsible for predicting what the client will do and guiding strategies in that regard - They are vital, but are not limited to the specific functions of your position. Like all management positions, their functions must coexist with the day to day of their team: clearly mark the objectives of the department, plan and make decisions, solve problems and also be a visible leader for the whole team. That is why today many companies require well-trained professionals with the ability to manage people who allow them to successfully face the permanent changes in a highly volatile and changing market.

An integrating and unique Master

So these are the names to take into account: e-commerce and Revenue Management. Two figures that in a very short time have made the leap to become key positions in the hotel industry. And they are the cause (and the objective of the faculty) of the development of the Master in Marketing, Marketing and Tourism Revenue Management of Ostelea, since it offers an integral and unique training in its category, with a unified training program that covers online marketing, and -commerce and tourism marketing.


Objectives of the Master in Marketing, Marketing and Revenue Management:

  • Global vision. Acquire a global and integrative vision of the sector in general and of the management of the different business models of the sector, from the point of view of top management in commercial, marketing and revenue.
  • Management skills. Promote the growth and development of personal skills and the ability to understand and reason necessary for management positions.
  • Management. Develop a strategic vision to optimize revenues through the improvement of information management.
  • Team leadership. Knows in detail the new marketing environment and the possibilities offered by new technologies for the development of strategies to optimize management and profitability.
  • Revenue Acquire knowledge and internalize the tools for the design and implementation of a Revenue Management project for tourism companies.


The Master in Marketing, Marketing and Revenue Management of Ostelea is classified into 6 modules:

  • Global vision
  • Marketing
  • Commercialization
  • Revenue Management
  • Final work of master

Requirements and Titling


To access the Master in Marketing, Marketing and Revenue Management the student must have a university degree (bachelor, diploma or engineer).


The student has a maximum period of three years to complete the master. Upon completion, you will obtain a triple degree from Ostelea, EAE-Business School and the University of Lleida.

Scholarship plans for admitted candidates

We have developed different scholarship programs to adapt to the personal and professional circumstances of our students.

The Academic Advisor is in charge of informing and advising the future student about the requirements and the procedure to apply for an EAE Business School scholarship.

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Nuestra misión es contribuir al desarrollo social, económico y cultural de forma sostenible de la industria, a través de la formación de directivos, profesionales del sector. Estamos comprometidos con la innovación e impulsamos el vínculo entre empresas del sector y Ostelea para nutrir al mercado de nuevas soluciones. Read less
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