Master in Lean Startup Management and Agile Development

The evidence-based entrepreneurship, the Lean Startup method

For two decades, we have been teaching entrepreneurs how to write useful business plans to help foresee problems and before they were what investors in startups required. We now know that these long-term plans to predict a series of unknowns do not survive the first contact with customers. It took us some time until we recognized that the business plans suffered from a fatal flaw: they assumed that startups were only smaller versions of the big companies . Startups before success go very quickly from failure to failure, while adapting to reality, testing new iterations and improving their initial ideas with a continuous process of learning from customers.

Existing companies execute a model but startups exist to look for a repeatable and scalable business model . That happened before the Lean Startup method will start to take hold.

The Master in Lean Startup Management and Agile Development has evidence-based entrepreneurship as the essence of the program. It is inspired by agendas from Stanford University, Berkeley University and Columbia University. So far it has helped more than 240 entrepreneurs to test 3,654 hypotheses , conducted 6,458 interviews and pivoted 570 times . The Master does not guarantee that new entrepreneurs will be more successful. It guarantees that, if they continue the process, they are likely to fail less.

Who is the program for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Potential entrepreneurs
  • Innovation executives
  • Newly graduates who seek to learn to undertake

The prerequisite is to have passion to discover how a project can become a company.

The Master is structured in a modular way and with a transversal approach to the concepts and activities related to the creation of startups. Providing a learning opportunity based on experience that shows how companies that change the world are built. An updated training, aimed at solving problems and which guarantees a set of knowledge and skills to face the digital challenges of undertaking.

What can NOT you expect from this Master?

  • This master is NOT about writing a business plan.
  • This program is NOT an academic exercise.
  • In this Master the evaluations are NOT formal.
  • The final result of the Master is NOT a set of PowerPoint slides for a presentation to an investor.

Instead we're going to make sure that ...

  • The teams get their hands dirty talking with their potential clients, competitors and partners, so they can discover the chaos and the uncertainty of how startups work.
  • The challenge is to go out and see if someone who is not from the team would want to use their product.
  • The Master in Lean Startup Management and Agile Development provides access to the real world, practice in learning what it is to start a high-tech company.

The program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Formulate experiments to validate each of its major risks associated with the hypotheses that constitute a business model.
  • Interview different groups of potential clients to understand their pain points, routines and purchase decision processes.
  • Test the enthusiasm of the target customer segment about a solution built using a minimum viable low-fidelity product.
  • Obtain the first customer for the product or service designed with an income model that allows to guarantee the viability of the project.
  • Identify the appropriate distribution channel of the product after an iterative process of user acquisition tests in the different digital marketing channels.
  • Constitute a legal figure that allows the project to scale through the inclusion of working, financial and strategic partners.

The skills and abilities developed by the participants in the Master are the following:

  • Ability to make decisive and proactive decisions using agile methodologies based on evidence.
  • Leadership with an effective and passionate communication that facilitates the cohesion of the sales team and product development.
  • Resilience and focus on achieving measurable objectives that allow achieving the vision of the project.

To achieve the above objectives, we rely on three large OBS resources:

  1. The faculty : Professionals from the sector, with a long professional trajectory in startups, with excellent didactic skills and academic experience in the mentoring of virtual environments and business incubators.
  2. The Blackboard technology platform : One of the most powerful and robust in the market, with tools that facilitate learning and communication between participants and teachers. Blackboard allows us to generate a great experience in the transmission of knowledge through different digital media.
  3. And finally, the methodology of OBS Business School to ensure quality teaching and the achievement of the objectives set.

In addition, the Partner of this program is Peninsula, a consultant with extensive experience in Corporate Venturing , which helps corporations in innovative processes, through incubation programs with startups in which the methodology is applied.

Master's Program in Lean Startup Management and Agile Development

The Master in Lean Startup Management and Agile Development of OBS Business School is structured in a modular way and with a transversal approach to the different concepts and activities related to the creation of startups. An up-to-date training, aimed at solving problems and which guarantees the student a set of knowledge and skills to face the digital challenges of undertaking.


The structure, duration and content of the Master in Lean Startup Management and Agile Development allows us to facilitate the achievement of the objectives set. A modular, transversal and sequential structure structured around innovation and its application.

  • The program is divided into 8 modules and concludes with the Master's Final Project .
  • In addition to this main structure, other activities such as webconferences are programmed: meetings with entrepreneurs from different sectors to learn first-hand about their experience leading projects
  • Finally, highlight the commitment of OBS will help the best projects emerged from this master program.

Requirements and Master's Degree in Lean Startup Management and Agile Development

The key elements of the evaluation model are:

  • Contribute to constant monitoring of the program.
  • Ensure the learning and use of the concepts and procedures presented.
  • Assess the degree of achievement of the objectives of the program that should translate into skills and professional skills.

The evaluation is carried out continuously throughout the program, there being a series of activities for each of the modules that the student must complete and which will be evaluated by the teacher, who will inform the student of the grade obtained in the course. each of them as well as aspects to be improved if necessary.

The additional effort made by the students in their participation in voluntary activities and the positive progress continued throughout each subject are also aspects considered by the teachers at the time of establishing a numerical grade as a global result of the use of the subject.

The overall evaluation of the program results from the average of the different subjects that constitute it, being an indispensable condition that the average of the marks obtained in the different subjects be positive.

These are the stages of the admission process:

1. Pre-conditions for admission
2. Application for admission
3. Personal interview
4. Motivation letter
5. Evaluation Admissions Committee
6. Enrollment

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated October 14, 2018
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