Master in Management and Human Resources Management


Program Description

Professionals with a postgraduate degree in Management and Human Resources management have multiple job opportunities. The knowledge of these experts in HR is essential to transmit to the organizations knowledge and agile and innovative skills in:

  • Managing change in the organization
  • Personnel selection processes.
  • Evaluation and performance test.
  • Management and communication of knowledge.
  • Contract and labor legislation.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Labor agreements.
  • Wages and salaries.
  • Extinction, modification and suspension of contracts.
  • Social Security. Rights and obligations.

This master has guaranteed practices.

This master is aimed at all those who consider that human resources are an attractive activity. To all those who want to learn about human resources and become professional in this sector and also to those professionals who already provide services as human resources technicians and seek to improve their training.

The online master's degree in HRM seeks to train HR professionals in what organizations and companies are looking for in the real demands that are needed on a day-to-day basis to manage talent and people in current companies.

The online Master in Human Resources (HR) of IMF prepares you to design a comprehensive Human Resources Plan, manage people and talent, take care of selection and recruitment, direct the recruitment processes, thoroughly know the rights and obligations of the employees and design the training plans for them. In short, increase profitability and coordination in companies through communication, remuneration policies, business leadership and motivation of people.


Train future human resources professionals and provide new tools to human resources technicians in what companies currently demand: Managing people and day-to-day solutions.

You will also learn to:

  • Manage organizational changes.
  • Select personnel
  • Conduct performance evaluations
  • Manage knowledge
  • Know the labor contract.
  • Lead teams.
  • Know the different labor agreements.
  • Manage salaries
  • Make suspensions and terminations of contracts.
  • Understand Social Security Systems.

Methodology and Evaluation


IMF philosophy is to offer an accessible education to everyone. This makes it necessary to provide the opportunity to reconcile the studies with your life, whatever your professional, family or personal situation.

  • Online methodology: The whole agenda will be at your disposal from our virtual campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Distance methodology: You will have the course material in book format.
  • Blended learning methodology: Bringing together the advantages of online methodology with the opportunity to attend face-to-face sessions.

More than 90,000 students already endorse our methodology. Start taking your master's degree in HR with a training based on 5 basic pillars:

  • Live online classes: Virtual classes at compatible times and that facilitate attendance. We have the latest technology in e-learning so you can interact with the specialized professional faculty. All classes are recorded and uploaded to the virtual campus so you can see them again as many times as you need.
  • Virtual Campus: All accessible online training contents with only one Internet connection. Access conveniently through a state-of-the-art e-learning platform focused on user experience and intuitive use.

    View online, download in PDF or request the printed books with the training material. Study with updated manuals of scientific rigor, and focused on the real world. Get to know the current situation of the sector, with a focus on the professional world through readings and case studies.

    The virtual campus of IMF encourages debates and discussion groups through forums and chats. Encourages study and perseverance through self-assessment tests, readings, case studies and documentation
  • Personalized Tutorial Support: Experts and professionals of the sector accompany you throughout your training. Make phone tutoring, solve doubts through text messages in forums and chat or face-to-face tutoring in our offices.
  • Virtual Library: Free multi-device access to thousands of updated books from the business world. Read as if it were a paper book, underline, add notes, modify the source or size in order to improve learning.
  • News of the sector: Free entry events; book presentations; webinars; masterclass taught by the biggest influencers in the sector. IMF promotes the exchange of ideas and contacts among its students.


Continuous evaluation according to the progress of the study of the Master in Human Resources. Each module is evaluable through the combination of an online exam and the development of real and practical cases.

The obtaining of the Masters diplomas by the University of Nebrija and the Master by IMF Business School , is conditional upon the passing of all the modules.

Professional outings

At the end of our Master's you will be prepared to practice as:

  • HR director.
  • Social Work Supervisor and Employment Agencies.
  • Researcher in Human Resources and Social and Labor Development.
  • Personnel director.
  • Head of the Department of Human Resources Management.
  • Head of Sales Team Management.
  • ETT Business Administrator
  • Head of Human Resources of ETT
  • Business Holding Administrator.
  • Head of Selection of the Department of Human Resources Management.

Guaranteed practices

IMF Business School , through its Employment and Practices portal, guarantees the students of the Master's Degree in Human Resources Management and Management, internships in companies in the sector. Check conditions.

Among the companies with an internship agreement with IMF , the following stand out:


Price and Scholarships

At IMF we offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Scholarship up to 65%
  • Financing up to 12 months without interest or banking intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment method Online: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment installment without interest
  • Form of payment Blended: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment installment without interest


MODALITY: Online, Blended

Last updated Mar 2020

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IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 125,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects ... Read More

IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 125,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects we teach. We want to grow with you. The aim is to ensure a high level of satisfaction of our customers through personalized attention and excellence in service quality. This objective requires continuous improvement in the technical and material resources, and maximum involvement of all staff training to IMF is a different experience. Read less
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