Master in International Business Law Contracting & International Relations (online)


Program Description

Master in International Business Law Contracting & International Relations (online)


Following the main law firms and international institutions’ requirements, this Master program is designed for graduated interested in legal practice within the international field.


This Master includes the possibility of a unique training trip to New York for those students who are interested. In this intensive training week, ISDE students will have the opportunity to study Business Law and Alternative Disputes Resolutions such as Mediation and Negotiation at one of the most prestigious universities in United States of America, Columbia University, and learn directly from top high qualified professors and lecturers of this institution and also top level law professionals from the most prestigious and well known law firms in USA.

Business and contracting rules are developing homogeneously worldwide due to the main role played by the principle of party autonomy. To be able to understand and apply international relations government rules is another key requirement to correctly application of law within the international scenario frame.

This International Business Law, Contracting and International Relations program is categorically pragmatic and covers all those main topics and tools to further facilitating their students for a secure and efficient law practicing within the top law firm and first level international institutions.

In this sense, this program offers an in-depth analysis of Company law, Hard law, Soft law, Compliance, Tax, Litigation, Commercial law, Public law, Employment law, Criminal law, International Relations, lawyer-to-client protocol, interpretation of balance sheet, income statement, etc.


Providing all students with a practical legal training in business law and international relations. Being an expert in business law and international contracting necessary involves a whole knowledge of the most transcendent both economic and social areas.


Online learning can provide learning outcomes that are comparable or even superior to those of conventional educational formats, as it is proved that on Executive Programs the students work better when self-directed, as they are shaped by the accumulation of authentic personal experience. Moreover, their desire to learn grows out of a need to confront an ever-changing reality. Given their goal-oriented approach to learning and an ever more crowded personal calendar, a self-paced asynchronous design has proven to be a most effective instructional approach for online course formats.

Each student will have a personal code with which he/she will access the classes on the website. The different classes are scheduled to be posted online every week with the specific directions given by the lecturer, specifying the deadline for the students to send their cases, essays or exams.

During that time, the student will read the documents and shall prepare the practical case and any other requests made by the professor. At the end of that week, there will be an open discussion with the students in a forum where they will be able to raise any queries they may have.

Students shall prepare the classes as per the lecturers´ instructions (read or prepare cases or literature, study specific materials, etc.).

Each class will be composed of 2 parts:

1) Part 1: the professor will provide the students with the following documents: - learning material - references to bibliography - practical case - test or exam

2) Part 2: the professor will have a forum with the students where they will debate questions arising on the particular topic of study and will provide them with a document containing the conclusions of the subject.

Within the terms of the Master, a final one week encounter will take place in a venue to be confirmed in advance. At the end of that week, the Graduation Ceremony will take place.


  • International contracts. Jurisdictional matters and applicable law.
  • Bankruptcy law.
  • Introduction to international stock market Agreements of negotiable values.
  • International trade law. Joint ventures.
  • Intellectual property law. E-commerce law.
  • Competition law.
  • International insurance contracts.
  • International transport contracts (INCOTERMS).
  • International licensing contracts.
  • Technology contracts (Cloud computing, Software licenses, etc)
  • International agency and distribution contracts.
  • Corporation law and corporate governance.
  • Company’s directors: duties and liabilities.
  • M & A transactions: mergers and acquisitions.
  • Listed companies: takeovers.
  • Corporate real estate.
  • Hard Law, Soft Law
  • Compliance
  • Transfer pricing. International tax planning. EU tax law.
  • International double taxation.
  • Indirect Taxes
  • European Employment Law.
  • Immigration.
  • International hiring.
  • The international regulatory framework of Law. The treaty legal framework. Integration of International rules in the governmental regulatory framework. Application and interpretation of international rules.
  • Governmental influence: maritime law. Air space and transport.
  • Energy law.
  • Environmental law. International protection.
  • International judicial process and assistance. Enforcement of foreign judicial procedures.
  • Alternative dispute resolution.
  • International commercial arbitration. Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.
  • Mediation. Conciliation and other ADRS.
  • Economic, financial and business criminal law.
  • International criminal law: war crimes and crimes against Humanity.
  • Interpretation of balance sheet.
  • International banking contracts.
  • Society and international community.
  • Theory of the international relations.
  • International cooperation for development.
  • International contemporary conflicts.
  • International cooperation: United Nations operating system.
  • Foreign politics. International protocol.
  • Governmental bodies for foreign policy and International relations. Diplomacy. Consular affairs.
  • Foreign Trade Law.
  • International Economy and foreign affairs. Universal economic organization. Dispute Settlement.
  • Protocol and lawyer-to-client protocol.
  • Speech class.
  • Negotiation.
  • Management and leadership skills.
  • Business development.
  • Legal marketing.
  • Communication between lawyers and media.


The on-line methodology allows all students to juggle high-quality instruction and professional practicing. The most important benefit of online learning is that it can span time and distance. The flexible times offered to the students helps them to work around their schedule.

Within the terms of the Master, a final one week encounter will take place in a venue to be confirmed in advance. At the end of that week, the Graduation Ceremony will take place. During that time, a final exam, master classes, academic activities and visits to international ISDE’s supporting law firms will be offered. At the end of this intense week, a graduation ceremony and handing over of diplomas.

Those students not able to attend this last week and doing the final exam will have the chance to write a final project on any subject covered within the program. A tutor will be specifically assigned to this task.

The course will run from January 2018 to October 2018

The American Law Experience takes place in January 2018 at Columbia University


Enrolment Procedure

Applicants willing to participate in the Admissions Process of the Master shall complete a Registration Form, and send it, fully completed, along with the following documentation:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation Letter
  • Copy of the Passport or other relevant identification documents

These documents can be directly sent by email or by post to the attention of the Admissions Department, to:

C/ Recoletos 6, 28001 Madrid, Spain

At the same time, if necessary, applicants can be asked to submit further information or documentation to clarify certain aspects or their academic and/or professional background. The Admissions Committee is also entitled to subject the acceptance of a certain applicant to a personal interview.

Please bear in mind that places on this Programme are limited and applications will be dealt with in strict order of inscription.

Legal information:

Please, be informed that this program is not an LLM accredited by the American Bar Association nor the New York Bar Association. ISDE is a private European Law & Business School attached to the Complutense University of Madrid, imparting joint training programs with renowned universities in Spain like Carlos III and Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, and Columbia University, New York, the Levin College of Law, university of Florida, in the US.

Please, note that this program is highly recognized by the international law industry since most of the top lawyers in such industry are either professors, guest lecturers or alumni of the program, as it may be consulted on our Web Site: Partner Companies. ISDE has at the moment more than 2,500 alumni working in the International Law industry all around the world. Additionally, ISDE provides our degree holders with networking structures designed to strengthen their connections among peers and to access a competitive legal environment.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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