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The official master's degree in Intelligence is an official degree of II livello (second level) of the Pegasus University of Italy, which gives access to the doctorate due to its adaptation and reception to the Bologna plan and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). With this master's degree, the student can choose a mention in Economic Intelligence or in Security and Defense, depending on the elective subjects that he chooses.

Although the need to know is an innate characteristic of the human being, as well as the need to anticipate events, the chaos derived from the complex reality in which we move requires a constant effort, usually imperceptible, to order such complexity, equipping itself with instruments that allow the decoding of existing information. This official master's degree of Intelligence makes us see in this way that the human being faces the real world and the information it contains through brain processes that allow ultimately transforming information - whether public or private - into knowledge.

But knowledge is not linear or irreversible, as the different informative conceptions of the 80s of the 20th century try to describe it (exemplified in the Pyramid of Knowledge of Russel Ackoff in 1989). Nowadays, knowledge is not enough and it is necessary to go a step further, getting it to be understood.

In this official master's degree in Intelligence we will try to analyze in depth what intelligence is and how it is applied, extrapolating its use of the structure in which it is used. In this way, intelligence as a tool to reduce uncertainty in any decision-making process has a direct application in both the public and private sectors. However, in this course of intelligence you will not find long theoretical distinctions about what is intelligence or its surnames nor will it be centered on a non-systematic classification of collection techniques or on the nonscientific techniques of analysis (structured techniques of analysis).

On the contrary, this course in intelligence is oriented to how to use intelligence in your professional performance from theoretical rigor and conceptual clarity, yes, but with a practical approach of how to use this tool in professional performance.

We start from the conviction that intelligence can not be understood or studied in a vacuum, independently. In fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship that this (the intelligence) has with other parts of the structure and the temporal space in which it is applied.

Curriculum of the Official Master in Intelligence

  • Fundamentals of Intelligence
  • Evolution: Intelligence Structures
  • Intelligence Production, Basic Professional Guides
  • Intelligence, Psychology and Decision Making
  • Counterintelligence
  • Legal Regime of Intelligence in Spain
  • Cyberintelligence
  • Intelligence in view of the Risks and Threats of the Current International Society (optional)
  • Economic and Business Intelligence (optional)
  • Research Methodology in Social Sciences
  • Final Master's Project (TFM)

Official Master's Degree in Intelligence

Students who have access to the master's degree in Intelligence with the academic degree, bachelor's degree or equivalent will receive a double degree:

1.- Official Title of the Pegasus University of Italy (Master di II Livello )

'Master's Degree in Intelligence'

2.- Own Title of Iniseg

'Master in Intelligence'

Students who have accessed without academic qualification, will receive exclusively the INISEG own degree.

Requirements to study Official Master in Intelligence

This official master's degree in Intelligence has a practical vocation and is aimed at professionals in the sector who want to improve their practices and procedures or who are interested in applying different tools to reduce the uncertainty inherent in the decision-making processes in their sector or professional performance.

The student will find among his classmates other professionals from different sectors with which to extrapolate the use and implementation of intelligence from different structures.

Professional outputs of the Official Master in Intelligence

Among other outputs, students who take this Master's Degree in Intelligence may dedicate themselves to the following professions or sectors:

  • Computer engineers
  • Members of the Armed Forces
  • Economic analysts
  • Intelligence analysts
Depending on the subjects for which the student chooses, this will obtain a mention in Economic Intelligence or mention in Security and Defense.
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