The San Diego State University Hospitality and Tourism (HTM) Master’s Program is a leadership development program designed for busy working professionals from all over the world and delivered online in a small class setting, with one-week meet-ups on SDSU’s beautiful campus to both start and finish the program.

HTM Master’s courses are recorded weekly by our professors and personalized to your specific aspirations and activities.

If you enjoy TED Talks, you will love our guest video lectures from globally accomplished leaders during your program. All of the program’s courses are tailored to real-world applications that you can apply the next day in your office.

The curriculum is a combination of foundational business acumen and innovational thinking that is changing the way organizations function, grow, and thrive. Students who graduate with a Masters in HTM are prepared to lead change.

The coursework amounts to a challenging but manageable 10-12 hours per week of reading, assignments, and forum discussions that can be completed on your schedule. The projects are geared toward real-world applications that provide much more than a letter grade as an outcome.

This intensive 18-month program gives you the support, network, and encouragement you need to thrive and succeed throughout the course.

Why it’s a Great Investment


Our alumni have gone on to hold leadership positions with the world’s most esteemed names in hospitality and tourism, including Hilton, Hyatt, Universal, and many others.


You’re in the company of equally driven, like-minded people, including program alumni and professors. A tight-knit group means lifelong bonds.


Gain the aptitude, promotability, and self-assurance you need to move up and drive change.

An HTM Master’s Degree is not just a piece of paper. It is a career investment that provides:


This leadership degree is applicable to more than 100 hospitality and tourism-related industries and virtually any career path.


While most master’s programs cost $60k-$120k, ours comes in at around $30k. Financial aid is also readily available, and the program can pay for itself in career success.


The HTM Master’s Program fits into your busy schedule. Since only 5 days at the beginning of the 18-month program and 5 days at the end of the program are physically on-campus, we have students from all over the country, and the world, who find it manageable to enroll.

Meet Our Faculty

Our diverse and experienced faculty team creates incredible courses pulling on their backgrounds as…

The Former Chairman and CEO of Burger King Corporation, Former Senior Vice President of the Pepsi-Cola Company, Former VP Finance & Analysis of Catalina Restaurant Group, Former Director at SeaWorld San Diego, Former VP of Business Analytics & Business Intelligence of Fairfield Residential, VP Finance of Carlson Restaurants Worldwide and a Sustainability Entrepreneur with multinational experience in sustainable tourism…

These 10 reasons are some of many that make the Hospitality & Tourism Master’s Program a great fit for our students.

#1 Become a Better Leader

Our program is focused on personal leadership development that is applicable to any industry!

#2 Expand Your Network (& continued network support after graduation)

This is your direct access to some of the top organizations and leaders in the hospitality and tourism industries all around the country.

#3 Gain a Mentor

We pair every student with a mentor for hands-on advice and real-world coaching through 1-on-1 mentorship.

#4 Enjoy Flexible Online Courses

All of our students have busy lives full of work, family, and friends. We ensure our classes are flexible so you can get your master’s degree.

#5 Experience Real World Projects and Lecturers

Coursework is directly applicable to your current or future career.

#6 Get Personalized Instruction

There is nothing “boxed” or “cookie cutter” about our lectures! Each week you get a new lecture from your professor with you in mind.

#7 Attend from Where You Are Now

We have had students from all over the world get their HTM Masters degree. Our program only requires you to be on-campus in San Diego for one week at the beginning of the program and one week in the end, so we have students attend from all over the world.

#8 Get More for Less

While many masters programs can run $80,000-120,000, the San Diego State University Hospitality and Tourism Master’s program comes in around $30,000 for the entire program. With financial aid readily available, our students are excited about the investment they are making in themselves and their future.

#9 Just 18-Months and No Thesis Required

The program takes just 18 months to complete and there is no thesis required. Instead, the program focuses on an in-company project that gives you the opportunity to do something innovative.

#10 Change Your Life

Whether you are looking to improve your leadership, advance in your current career, change careers or expand your network – The Master's Program is designed to help you transform your life for the better. What are you waiting for?

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