The graduate of the Master in Educational Technology and Innovation will have tools to advise educational institutions, of any level of training, in the design and implementation of projects, based on the intensive use of educational technologies, using theories and learning strategies. At the same time, it will be able to lead and manage insertion projects and technological innovation in education; design, implement, evaluate, and manage learning experiences, enhanced with the intensive use of virtual work tools; and produce learning resources, through the use of multimedia and interactive technologies.

Entry requirements

  • Chilean and foreign applicants who enter a Master's Degree at Universidad UNIACC must present their degree or a professional degree, original or legalized before a notary, whose level and content of studies are equivalent to those necessary to obtain a degree. In the case of the foreign applicant, he / she must present his / her academic degree or professional title apostilled or approved by the Chilean Consulate in the country of origin and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile.
  • Present a clear and legible photocopy of both sides of the identity card.
  • Comply with the other requirements established by the University for the entrance, for the program in question.

Description of the Modality

The online mode allows innovation in the construction of learning, combining the use of multiple multimedia resources (videos, interactive modules, animations, games, quiz, virtual interaction, digital libraries, videoconferences, virtual rooms, among others) through the platform of virtual learning of Universidad UNIACC .

In this way, students develop their processes in an exible manner, according to their own characteristics, to favor their learning through self-management of time, making studies, work and personal life compatible, obtaining in this way the maximum benefit of individual motivation.


Tariffs and Tuition?

For information on the value of fees and upcoming classes, please contact the Admission Department.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish
This course is Online
Start Date
18 months
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