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Program Description

Nowadays more and more society in general, and knowledge in particular, raises new educational demands that require professionals with multidisciplinary training able to meet them.

These new educational needs have generated new educational environments and contexts, different from the conventional ones, in which specialized educational interventions directed by professionals with specific competences are necessary. Skills that generally do not include people who have just finished their degree studies; and especially those who have never received a pedagogical training.

Precisely today there are more and more professionals from different areas who in many countries are dedicated or wish to dedicate themselves to teaching and have not had occasion or opportunity to receive training in this area.

These studies aim to respond to the needs of these professionals and act as a relevant service for our society. The intention is to improve the education sector by improving, in turn, the learning process of the students.

This educational offer tries to cover a gap in the field of continuous training, in the educational field and in the digital teaching modality. But in no case does it intend to compete with the masters of initial teacher training (former Pedagogical Adaptation Course), since it is especially aimed at professionals who are already engaged in teaching but who wish to improve their teaching practice.

The Master in Education arises as a result of a specific collaboration agreement between the University of Jaén (Spain) and the Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) , so it has its experience in distance teaching-learning in different areas of knowledge such as They are: Environment, Health and Nutrition, ICT, Language Teacher Training, Business Organization and Human Resources, etc.

As a result of this collaboration, a type of training has been developed that prioritizes the autonomy of learning without neglecting a constant, flexible interaction and adjusted to the needs of teachers in training.

The program has a very elaborate Virtual Campus and Academic Management infrastructure, which allows to provide an adequate service to those who do not have the facility to attend a face-to-face teaching-learning.

The University of Jaén and FUNIBER consider the incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as an essential part of training and as an intrinsic part of their future professional work. In this sense, ICTs are used in curricula in two training planes:

  • An educational one, to enhance, enrich and increase the explanatory power of teachers and expand the learning of students through the Virtual Campus where the student accesses an online library, synchronous and asynchronous discussion spaces.
  • Another pedagogical, where ICTs integrate the training process into a continuous learning process by doing where the process of resolution of duties itself is considered in itself a process of creation of innovations and knowledge management. In this way, ICTs are integrated into the study programs as part of the knowledge to be acquired, thus being in both ways an effective means of teaching and learning, on the one hand transferring technologies to teaching and educational management methods and on the other part as a management tool of the activities evaluated to be developed by students.

It can be said that this program offers an excellent opportunity for training and self-improvement to people who, for their work reasons, and despite their interest and their abilities, cannot dedicate themselves to their studies, but through training to Proposed distance can be achieved with all the rigor and quality that your personal needs and challenges require to be satisfied.

Even more, this is a kind of continuing professional education that is essential today for those who seek a personal development of excellence. The society currently requires professionals with the ability to manage and initiate changes, with specific preparation, training, skills and knowledge that can be achieved through this distance program.

Program Structure

The Master in Education consists of three phases: a first corresponding to the common block of subjects; a second phase that corresponds to the block of specialization; and the last phase consisting in the elaboration of the final Master Project.

  • 1st Part: Common block of subjects
  • 2nd Part: Specialization Block
  • 3rd Part: Final Master Project


Graduates and Graduates in any area of knowledge who are dedicated or wish to dedicate themselves to teaching and want to receive multidisciplinary and specific training in different areas of education.

Duration, credit structure and degree

The duration of the Master in Education is 25 months.

Last updated Mar 2020

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The growing and global presence of FUNIBER is due to a teaching model that promotes the collaboration and cooperation among nations to enrich people formation. This model is the result of more than eight years of experience of FUNIBER teaching graduate distance semi-attending and non attending virtual international projects of cooperation and formation with enterprise. This guarantees a model that supply effective results in relation to the teaching investment assumed versus the return in knowledge formation and personal and organizational learning. All of this because FUNIBER’s educative model guarantees a high quality global formation. Read less
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