Master in Digital Risk Management and Cybersecurity


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Program Description

The Master in Digital Risk Management and Cybersecurity of EALDE is an online master that allows you to obtain your own degree with international validity. It is an innovative program, which deepens the impact of digital age technologies in organizations from the point of view of Risk Management. The training prepares the student to lead advanced Cybersecurity strategies in any type of company.

The online master's program in Digital Risk Management and Cybersecurity addresses the fundamental regulations in Risk Management and information security, such as ISO 31000 and ISO 27001. In addition, the teaching program trains to design and apply internal audit procedures from The technological risk approach.

On the other hand, online training allows specializing in Risk Management in emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, mobile technology and Fintech. It is a differentiating master, whose contents provide the necessary skills to adapt to the digital transformation of companies.

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Course 1: Fundamentals in risk management: ISO 31000: 2018.


  1. Introduction to risk management.
  2. The risk management process.
  3. Analysis of decisions for risk management.
  4. Practical case

Course 2. Risk management on information security: ISO 27001.


  1. The organization and its information system.
  2. Information security.
  3. Incident management and business continuity plan.
  4. Practical case

Course 3. Cybersecurity.


  1. Fundamentals of cybersecurity.
  2. Perimeter security.
  3. Intrusion techniques
  4. Practical case

Course 4. Cybersecurity and Compliance Regulations.


  1. Internal regulations
  2. Common national regulations.
  3. International reference regulations.
  4. Practical case

Course 5. Risk management in Cloud Computing.


  1. Cloud Computing and its historical evolution.
  2. Security in Cloud services.
  3. Risk analysis in Cloud services.
  4. Practical case

Course 6. Risk Management and actions of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


  1. Fundamentals and security of Big Data technology.
  2. Fundamentals and security in Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Risk analysis in Big Data and IA shares.
  4. Practical case

Course 7. Risk Management in mobile technology.


  1. Fundamentals of mobile technology.
  2. Security in mobile devices.
  3. Risk analysis in mobile devices.
  4. Practical case

Course 8. Risk Management in financial technology.


  1. The new Fintech space.
  2. Security management in Fintech.
  3. Risk analysis in relation to Fintech.
  4. Practical case

Why study this master?

The Master in Digital Risk Management and Cybersecurity is a higher education academic program that guarantees specialization in Risk Management and Cybersecurity. The master's degree provides skills in the field of technological risks that allow us to differentiate from other less qualified professionals and adapt to the evolution of companies in the digital era.

All the contents of the online master 's degree are taught by expert professors, active in reputable companies of the Spanish business sector and directors of Cybersecurity departments of large organizations. The program addresses the main privacy laws, regulations and industry guidelines with a significant impact on information security and privacy. It also provides competencies on risks in the field of new digital finance.

The online methodology of the Master in Digital Risk Management and Cybersecurity allows the reconciliation of work and family life of the student with their training.

What will I learn?

At the end of the Master in Digital Risk Management and Cybersecurity you will be able to:

  • Lead technology risk management plans in any type of company.
  • Plan and control actions that incorporate massive data processing systems.
  • Prepare risk maps associated with Cloud Computing technology.
  • Implement Information Security Management Systems according to ISO 27001.
  • Develop cybersecurity programs in the financial field.

Who is it for?

This training program is especially aimed at:

  • Engineers, international auditors and financial analysts who want to make a leap in their career acquiring differentiating skills in cybersecurity.
  • Intermediate positions that want to contribute to your company risk management in the new areas of the digital era.
  • Professionals interested in disruptive technologies related to Cloud Computing, Big Data and Mobile Technology.
  • Cybersecurity experts looking to acquire skills in Business Risk Management.
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About the School

EALDE Business School nace con vocación de aprovechar al máximo las posibilidades que Internet y las nuevas tecnologías brindan a la enseñanza. Ofrece a sus alumnos la posibilidad de cursar, desde el ... Read More

EALDE Business School nace con vocación de aprovechar al máximo las posibilidades que Internet y las nuevas tecnologías brindan a la enseñanza. Ofrece a sus alumnos la posibilidad de cursar, desde el lugar en el que se encuentren, estudios de posgrado en materia de gestión de empresas de la misma forma que harían si los cursos se siguiesen presencialmente en una escuela tradicional. Read less
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